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Understanding Europe’s crisis

John Keeley argues that it’s more than just Europe’s periphery that’s in crisis; it’s the entire capitalist system.

Excellent even if a tad too short article that you can read at The Commune.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cables from the class war (Jul 30)

Bulqiza miner
Albania: 30 miners in huger strike

They are fasting 1400 meters under the surface of the town of Bulqiza. The hunger strike is an escalation of a three weeks strike by some 700 workers of Albanian Chrome, a subsidiary of Austrian DMC DECO Metal. 

The striking workers demand a substantial salary rise.

Bulqiza is the largest chromium mine on Earth. Chromium is an essential metal in modern steel and aluminum alloys, among other products.

Basque Country: mayor suffers death threats

Lasarte-Oria town hall
The mayor of Lasarte-Oria, Pablo Barrio, of the Left Basque-Nationalist coalition Bildu, has received a letter in Spanish language, stamped in Madrid, with death threats and generic insults against the Basque People:

You are not people but vermin to be exterminated, read the missive.

The local socio-political club Xirimiri Elkartea, has also been attacked recently in two occasions, one of them specifically against Basque icons such as banners. 

-> Gara[es].

Basque Country: solidarity with Basque prisoners goes to the beach

Thousands activists solidarious with the Basque prisoners went to the beaches and roads today claiming: 

Eskubide guztiak. Euskal presoak Euskal Herrira.
All the rights. Basque prisoners to the Basque Country.

In the communication read in public, the activists have denounced that the dispersion of the prisoners through remote prisons in the Spanish and French states is not just an attack against fundamental human rights but also an obstacle for the peaceful resolution in the conflict between the Basque People and these two imperialist West European states. 

-> Gara[es].

See also video at Ateak Ireki (Hendaia). This site also mentions another road accident of relatives of a Basque prisoner who were traveling to Herrera de la Mancha.

Palestine: Zionist settlers set fire to olive trees

It happened in Burin (near Nablus, West Bank). Israeli military forces impeded firefighters from accessing the area to put down the fire.

-> Uruknet.

Palestine: Zionist troops attempt to murder farmer

Zionist troops shot against a farmer working his lands in the Gaza Strip. Zionist guards regularly shoot at will to farmers and passers-by within the largest concentration camp on Earth and nobody raises an eyebrow.

-> Uruknet.

Syntagma Square evicted by riot police tonight

Following an order by Attorney General Eleni Raikou, appointed by the hyper-illegitimate and traitor Papandreu government, large numbers of heavily armed riot police have forcibly removed the tent camp of Syntagma Square tonight (4:15 am).

At least eight people have been arrested.

A meeting has been called for this evening at 6:00 pm.

Follows raw video (in Greek):

Source: Contra Info.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Anarchist center in Athens evicted and reoccupied within hours

Today the occupied center Skaramaga in Athens has been evicted by means of police force only to be occupied again few hours later minutes later. The traitor government of Papandreu cannot even enforce the capitalist law anymore in the center of the Greek capital. 

According to Contra Info (see also here), c. 13:00 local time, some 250 people demonstrated near the squat against police/judicial intervention, blocking Patission street. At 14:00 police and prosecutor left the building confiscating computers and other items. At 15:00 there were skirmishes between police and demonstrators. At 15:30 the building was re-occupied and an open assembly was called for 18:00. 

One person, ordered to accompany police on the eviction, has been arrested.

Warm track to Breivik's organization or just smoke?

I am quite unsure if this track leads anywhere or is just a bunch of strange coincidences but respectable British blogger Charlie Pottins mentions what seems a warm track to someone who could fit Breivik's "Richard Lionheart" mentor's profile. He echoes materials published at British conservative newspaper The Telegraph and what seems to be a Christian Conservative blog

In any case he tracks some British fascist, a former member of the English Defense League (EDL, dangerous English fascist party) and runaway from justice who found refuge in Malta (where are the euro-orders when the accused is not Basque?) and feeds himself on unknown income sources (let me guess: the Order of Malta and the MI6), named Paul Ray. 

Ray was expelled of the EDL apparently because of calling the leaders of this fascist organization Irish. He was accused of racism and hate speech for stuff published online years ago and that is, it seems, why he run away to the small ultra-Catholic Arab country.

This last is what has me suspecting that he is not the right man because the Butcher of Utöya has all the time presented himself and his criminal sect as a post-racist fascist, concerned (at least on discourse) only with cultural and religious matters and not race.

Also I do not think that the members would be so easy to track, specially without the information-managing power of secret services. The fact that the ones spreading this information are right-wingers themselves (not Pottins but his sources), makes the whole issue even more likely to be a false track. 

But still... read the whole story here and judge yourself.

Spain: secret ideological police files publicly acknowledged

Policemen declaring as witnesses in a political trial in Seville (Andalusia, state of Spain) have acknowledged under oath the existence of secret files of ideological nature. This came to light because political reports were included as evidence in the trial against university activists. 

This practice, in principle outlawed by the Spanish constitution of 1978, which recognizes the right to free opinion and free association (in theory), has been going on all the time and, in this particular case the abusive police ideological surveyance is dated to the year 2002 because justice is not just abusive and unjust in the realm of the last Bourbon but also extremely slow. 

Argentina: three killed in brutal police repression

At least three people have been murdered by police forces in the Argentinean province of Jujuy, largely inhabited by Native Americans. Other 50 people resulted injured, including one with a bullet in the head fighting between life and death.

The violence was caused by police forces attacking people who had occupied lands property of Ledesma S.A., a company owned by the Blaquier family, a rotten oligarchic clan of accomplices of fascism. The company owns all the land of the village Libertador  and was therefore required by the state legally to give a tiny fraction away, so the village could grow. This is is the background of the occupation that some 500 families were realizing.

However, without any apparent judicial order, by decision of Kirchnerist governor Walter Barrionuevo, who is totally supportive of the oligarchic Blaquier family, police attacked the occupants with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition, to what the locals replied with stone throwing, although police accuses them of using guns as well.

Among the dead are two citizens and one policeman. Their names are: Ariel and Alejandro Farfán and Félix Reyes.

Source: La Haine[es].

Update (Jul 31): there are finally four killed: 3 citizens and a policeman. The civilian victims are: Félix Reyes Pérez, Víctor Heredia and Ariel Farfán. Also at least 30 injured, some of live fire and also many children poisoned by tear gas.

 Source: La Haine[es].

Cables from the class war (Jul 29)

Hunger strikes demanding salary payment become common in economically devastated Montenegro, where it is legal to withhold payment to workers for months -> WSWS.

Indignants march to Brussels. They just ended a massive march to Madrid but they are anything but tired: if they can walk to Madrid, they can walk to Brussels - if the dreaded French cops allow. -> BBC.

Popular march to Brussels. We go slow because we go far.

7000 contract workers join 2300 permanent workers in Chile's largest mining strike in decades. The strike at Mina Escodida, owned by Australian multinational BHP Billiton, has already caused €100 million loses in missing revenue to the capitalist exploiters. Workers demand specially better security conditions, economic protection for workers who fall ill, and the replacement of security cameras by clocking-in systems to make sure that workers are paid overtime. -> Morning Star.

Special thanks to

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dissecting the 'Breivik doctrine' (1)

While the Breivik doctrine is not really new, the Norwegian terrorist has made a true blood sacrifice, a hecatomb, to make sure his ideas are known to the World. Every fascist with pretenses of certain intellectualism is right now reading Breivik's manifesto or has already read it in full. So it is only fair that we at the Left have an idea of what this terrorist hero of the Zionists and Atlantists is saying. None the less because we are his main enemies, ranking no.1 in all his lists under the name of Cultural Marxists.

I am still on the process of reading Breivik's manifesto and I am not sure if I will be able to finish it. Life is too short to waste on lengthy fascist rantings admittedly. But this may well be the Mein Kampf of our time and, the same that one could not afford to ignore Hitler in the 1930s, we cannot ignore Breivik in the 2010s either.

By the moment I have read the introduction, which I found oddly interesting, in a twisted sense. The first thing you understand reading it is that the Butcher of Utöya is by no means a mere madman but quite lucid in the limited understanding that right wing fanaticism and religious faith allows. 

Cultural Marxism

A. Gramsci
The introduction is about Marxism, about what he calls Cultural Marxism (CM hereafter), which is what most people would call Humanism, including human rights, equality regardless of gender, race, faith or sexual preferences, etc. This he calls CM but also political correctness, etc. Essentially Breivik's seems to be a reactionary rebellion against the Humanist advancements of the late 20th century. As such reactionary rebellion it has nowhere to go (swimming against the current)... but it may cause much pain in the meantime. 

He makes a huge effort on blaming Marxists and quasi-Marxists for these advances. He names the following: Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukács specially, but also Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno. These last three belong to the so-called Frankfurt School of philosophy, which he also mentions by name.

Particularly obsessed with Lukács

G. Lukács
There are some lies and contradictions, specially regarding Lukács. According to the Butcher of Utöya, Georg Lukács began his political life as agent of the Kremlin (sic) but he managed to be Deputy Commissary for Culture in Revolutionary Hungary as early as 1919. How come?! There was not even a consolidated Soviet government in 1919!

Yet he is proclaimed by Breivik as the father of the sexual revolution, never mind Wilhelm Reich, who was expelled from the German Communist Party for holding such radical ideas. He's also, oddly enough, make to be the father of Feminism. Never mind he had a penis... and never mind that modern Feminism arose first of all in a largely Anglosaxon context, not a Hungarian one, and many decades before Lukács.

His allegedly decisive influential action, conceiving something known as cultural pessimism, is said to have happened in a secret meeting... go figure! Never mind that Lukacs is not at all associated with this nihilistic current, as is no Marxist because Marxism is a positive constructive philosophy.

Not a single mention of Lukács' role in the 1956-58 revolutionary process in Hungary and how he was deported after the Soviet invasion. It was precisely his role in the anti-Stalinist Hungarian revolution of 1956-58 what made Lukács popular in the West. Nothing of this is discussed by Breivik, who just wants to blame it for being a somewhat influential thinker in the context of European and Western Humanism.

Like so many fascists, he is obsessed with political correctness

The fact that fascist ideas are normally snubbed by the mainstream society, he considers (twistedly enough) a danger for freedom (freedom for fascists only?) Another form of political correctness he denounces is the opening from a parochial Eurocentric conception of the World, culture and history to a more balanced one. All that he hates just like a Taliban would from a perspective only slightly changed. 

In other words: he hates the consensus that exists in his social reality, which has emerged through the struggles of the 19th and 20th century. He hates Humanism. 

Frustrated anti-feminist macho

Feminism is deeply rooted in European culture
We know that Breivik spent his last night with two prostitutes. This alone tells a lot about the mentality of someone who thinks that women are mere objects to serve men.

Because Feminism is another of his bête noirs. Never mind that Europe may have a deeper tradition of proto-feminism than other parts of the World, for the Butcher this is an anti-European value. But what he sees as the pinnacle of feminization is metrosexualism, i.e. the fact that the decadent males of today are on occasion attracted to feminine elements such as perfumes or depilation.

Never mind that the men of the Ancient Regime, which he misses so much, were much more effeminate, fashioning elaborate and fancy clothes that the revolutionary forces took out of fashion (sans culottes' main identity element was precisely not wearing those fancy culottes of the aristocrats, never mind the wigs and perfumes). 

Authoritarianism and missing the whole point

Directly related to both Feminism and the Frankfort School is another obsession of the terrorist: the Authoritarian Personality, which Breivik equates to the male gender role. Never mind that this trait belongs to a disciplinary mode of production (Fordism) that is no longer viable in the social worker era (Toyotism). There is a big blank in Breivik's understanding of Marxism and Western cultural evolution and this is Situationism and Autonomism, which are probably too modern (60s, 70s) for his reactionary mind.

Capitalism corrupts all values
What you notice when you read Breivik's rantings is that, while he has some culture, it is very specific and fragmentary and that he is obsessed with finding an antagonist historical subject which to blame and destroy, in his case the Frankfurt School and what he so insistently calls CM. He does not understand that all that is just parts of the dialectics of Capitalism, which, like a cursed Midas, destroys all it touches by means of corruption. As Capitalism destroys all ancient values by means of internal rot, someone has to come to try to save society, this actor is of course the Working Class (rather than just a bunch of intellectuals), which is always building and maintaining the machines of Capital. And not just the material machines but also the social and cultural machines. Where Capitalist predation causes a vacuum, workers come to fill it with their sans culotte ideology of equality and freedom, which is nothing but the natural human way of being: the hunter-gatherer essence never fully destroyed in each of us. 

In brief, Breivik's thought (at least in what regards to the introduction) even if displaying a patina of education and an element of certain intelligence (and indeed lucidity of the paranoid-conservative kind) is just too obsolete and does not understand how societal and cultural dialectics really work.
No wonder. I must say that it is not easy and (because of their own psychological barriers) conservatives and reactionaries (and maybe even reformists) cannot really understand what is going on. They are blinded by categories that have lost their substance long ago, like religion or gender roles, and that cannot be restored after being touched by the Capitalist Midas of Rot. And even to Capitalism itself, when they dare to look at it, they attribute more power than it actually has (it is 100% dependent on the subservience of the Working Class). 

In any case it is interesting to see how this kind of thought, in spite of being anti-Islam, is almost identical to the kind of reactionary thought that a Taliban may embrace. We are before a Norwegian Zionist-Crusader Taliban able to make massive satanic blood sacrifices of sorts in the name of Christianity and Yaveh. 

Note:  I am not sure if I wish to continue reading the Butcher's propaganda and dissecting it but doing it with the introduction only at least, has been quite reassuring, admittedly.

Petras: 'I accuse Norwegian Police of complicity'

Are Norwegian cops like these?
In truth they want us to believe that Norwegian police is like those clownish cops of the silent films of a century ago. But that is simply not believable.

I have already said that either Norwegian police and armed forces suffer from an extreme case of functional degradation or, most likely, the attacks were supported by someone with power inside the police department.

Speaking to Radio36[es] (transcription at La Haine[es]), US intellectual James Petras declared (my translation from Spanish):

The most coherent hypothesis is that the Police, once it understood that the massacre was going on against the leftist, labor youth, delayed their action. They consciously delayed it so the massacre could go on until its culmination. 

The problem with this thesis is that it implies a questioning of the penetration of the extreme right in Nordic institutions, in the Norwegian State. And that is something difficult to accept, even for the victims of the Labor Party.

Later he continues:

I accuse the Police Department of complicity by means of inaction against terrorism. And if we wonder why, I can say that maybe they hate the Labor Party, they hate the immigration policy. We know that in the USA there are police officers with those same phobias and hatred as the marginal gangs. We have many examples, through the years, of the Federal Police Department collaborating with the worst racists and terrorists of  the Klu Klux Klan and the armed militias of the extreme right. 

He goes on through the same details that I pondered here: second shooter never arrested, the undue insistence of the mainstream media to make this attack appear as the work of a crackpot acting alone.

It is impressive how he reaches to the very same conclusions that I do (and I doubt he reads this blog, much less my mind), not just in regard to police complicity but also on who are the true culprits behind Breivik: NATO and Israel, and the reasons are Norwegian growing disaffection towards the anti-Muslim imperial policies in Afghanistan, Libya and Palestine.

And this consensus at the left (at the left of the social-democrats mostly) about what really happened in Oslo and specially Utöya is growing spontaneously... because it is what real facts are crying out loud, conclusions that cannot be avoided easily. 

One really needs a lot of blind faith on the loyalty and on the incapacity of Norwegian police to swallow the official version.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gay leader murdered in Mexico

Cristian Iván Sánchez Venancio (pictured), who was in the past comissioner for sexual diversity of the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) and a well known activist for homosexual rights was murdered in his home of Mexico D.F. His body was found with several knife injuries.

His successor in the political office, Diana Sánchez Barrios, demanded that the crime is investigated as the hate crime it probably is.

Source: Kaosenlared[es].

Utöya mass murderer draws applause in Israel

I have already mentioned at more or less obvious element of Zionism in this criminal attack, because the main reason to target Norway was its mild criticism of Israel and its genocidal policies, relatively rare in NATOland, at least at institutional level. Norway had already announced that it would recognize the Palestinian State as soon as proclaimed.

As Jews sans frontiers reports, Israelis have massively cheered (mostly in Hebrew) the criminal acts of Breivik and his secret imperial network under the likely command of NATO. Here there are the first 13 readers' comments published at YNET news article on the massacre (translated at JSF), brace yourselves:

1. And in the mosque there won’t be some ceremony?
2. It’s fun and warms the heart to see them crying!!!!
3. Go to hell. Haters of Jews/Israelis, anti-semites busy with the problems of others all day—here you got some too. [signed Zionist]
4. I have no identification with an anti-Semitic country that leads to the hatred of Israel. Not happy, not sorry.
5. All in all, what they asked for is what they got!!!!
6. [in Norwegian.] Serves you right, you Nazis.
7. He is a hero, kill all leftists, expel all Muslims.
8. European efficiency.
9. It’s only a matter of time until an Israeli rightwinger will do something similar.
10. My heart with the families of all the victims. I wish you will never know more sorrow and I wish all the wounded will heal as quickly as possible and will put this tragedy behind them. Condolences and sympathy from Israel. [Norwegian and English]
11. I have hope too… that you have many more days of mourning and tears.
12. Feel a little bit of what we feel here all the time, maybe now you’ll understand what it is, terror.
13. The ugly Israeli continues to talkback. Shame on you, you bunch of people who rejoice in the suffering of others dancing on the blood. It’s a shame that you even hold Israeli IDs.
Of 13 comments, only two express some sort of compassion or solidarity, all the rest are outright support for the terrorist or cynic slightly less obvious remarks.

The wave of terrorist comments did not end on no. 13, of course. Comment no. 18 proposed:

Rename Rabin Square to Anders Breivik Sq. for a good finish to my wonderful weekend.

I have no words but I have more and more clear who are the culprits.

Police inaction

More and more people are also awakening to the terrible reality of police inaction while Breivik and his hidden cells were massacring teenagers at Utöya. Thinking naively, it is a case of criminal negligence but thinking clearly it is much more likely a case of police complicity with the attack. 

This matter should be investigated to the frozen depths of Hell if need be. It is crucial that the insider accomplices of the fascist terrorists are arrested and severely punished. NATO-Zionist terror cannot be allowed to rule Europe from the shadows: it is critical that every single accomplice is exposed and punished.

(Update) It has been known also that Breivik was in a security list after he ordered chemicals online from a Polish company.

Update: some other details

Lizzy Davies at The Guardian mentions that Breivik used dum-dum bullets, intended to increase the chances of death and a painful agony. It is the first time I read this detail but considering that these terrible bullets have been forbidden by humanitarian war conventions, it adds up to the overall cruelty of the attack.

Another article at The Guardian mentions that:
  • Breivik has also claimed in court that there will be more killings.
  • He was with another person when he bought the fertilizer apparently used in bomb-making.
  • Norway's police decided not investigate the purchase of a dangerous (but legal) unnamed chemical by Breivik from a Polish company. 
  • He meant to kill famed Norwegian former PM Gro Harlem Brundtland, who had visited the island a few hours earlier.

20,000 protest in Malaysia against totalitarism. Tyrant arrests socialists

Las week some 20,000 demonstrators took the streets of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, demanding democracy. It was called by the civic movement Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) and supported by the main opposition bloc Pakatan Rakyat. 

Riot police broke the demo with brutality, tear gas and batons.

Hundreds have been arrested even before the demos began, under pretexts such as defaming police or wearing t-shirts with the image of Che Guevara or the Bersih platform, which was outlawed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nazis burn apartments of Roma residents in Germany

Four Nazis dressed in black with shaven heads set fire to an apartment building whose residents were mostly of Roma ethnicity in the city of Leverkusen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). Nobody was injured, as all residents could evacuate promptly but the murderous intent was clear and the homes have been destroyed with all it means. 

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

Some one million Roma were exterminated by Hitler's Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. The genocide continues today in some parts of Europe, notably Hungary has displayed great leniency with the death squads of the Nazi party Jobbik, which terrorize the Roma with total impunity and have murdered several already.

Japanese officials run away from peaceful Fukushima citizens demanding tests, evacuation (video)

The Soviet Union evacuated 24,000 children in few days, why can't Japan evacuate Fukushima?

Are the lives of the bureaucrats in Tokyo more important than those of the people of Fukushima?

Video in Japanese with English subtitles. Found at Energy News.

Zionist motivations behind Breivik - men in black seen in Oslo's center before bombing

Norway's terrorist Breivik was active in the online forum, which is not any fascist or far right site but specifically a Zionist site, lead by a Jewish extremist. According to Brevik the Nazis were not far right but leftists, because they were socialist and attacked the Jews (go figure, what a logic!)

Relatedly, men in black with no badges were seen in central Oslo before the bombing. This was gathered by the Chicago Tribune although I have only heard the story (does Chicago Tribune has a radio as well?) in this video.

Also it has been known that Norway's police executed a terror attack drill just the day before the attacks. What a coincidence!

The slow pace of the police rescue to Utöya youths is of course the key of all conspiracy theories (which probably have at least a seed of truth in most cases). I was confused earlier by the different claims on how much police took to reach to Utöya island and that is because they only acknowledge having received a call 36 minutes after the shooting began.

What?! This is totally unbelievable, specially with so many mobile phones.

So the shooting began at 4:50pm and police only realized at 5:26pm. Since then they needed an hour to arrive to the island because they lacked helicopters, the boat was leaky and blah blah.

Pull this police thread and you will find some accomplices of the "lone gunman".

Incidentally the AUF social-democratic youths had joined the international calls for a boycott to Israel. Could this be the reason why Breivik chose them as target?

Whatever the exact details, there is little doubt that we are before a well coordinated attack, where this Breivik guy is just a piece in a complex and hidden puzzle. 

Can this be a warning by the Zionist International to Norway and any country that may join the call for boycott, that they will be attacked Moses-style (kill the young) if they do?

As I mentioned early on after the attacks Zionazis elements like Avigdor Lieberman have been attacking Norway and Sweden for sliding to positions hostile to the Zionist Apartheid. Is this a case of Lieberman targets, Gladio shoots?

Very possibly because I do not believe for a moment that Brevik acted alone.

Source for much of this entry: La Haine[es].

Update: Norway rejects dubious offer of help by Israel in the fight against terrorism. SA[es].

Update: from Breivik's video-manifesto:

It is evident that he is the kind of fascist (or as he calls himself: "conservative") which cannot be straightforwardly identified with classical Nazism. While praise of Israel is carefully avoided in the video, there are no antisemitic rantings, which are more or less among most kinds of European fascists, even if just out of tradition. The fact that he is a Freemason also places him somewhat out of classical fascism, obsessed with the supposed Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

Of course there is no room in his discourse for the anti-Muslim hate ideology (Islamophobia), which he spouses.

Among plenty of music from Scalibur or the Lord of The Rings and cliche images of crusader knights, he lists a number historical of European monarchs as his inspiration, curiously enough Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, best known as Dracula.

Take a moment, please, to compare the most important crusader state, the Kingdom of Jerusalem (map above), defended by the real historical Knight Templars (among others), and the State of Israel.

Update: The Intel Hub reports that the former political party of Breivik, the Progress Party, has the exact same ideology as Breivik, conflating: extreme Islamophobia, ultra-conservative pan-European "nationalism", hatred of all things "Marxist" and a total compromise with Zionism, having defended Israel's murderous methods once and again.

Also interesting is that just a few months ago, all five Nordic states (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) dismantled a US spy network.

Update: it seems that Breivik has acknowledged that he did not act alone but that his terror group has two more cells. It is unclear if by cells he means individuals, full fledged commandos or something else... but it would confirm that more than one terrorist was involved in the Utöya shooting (as suggested by witnesses). It also confirms that Breivik is part of a wider conspiracy, whose exact bounds have yet to be fully clarified but that would seem on first sight to be a tool of NATO's secret stay-behind network Gladio and the Zionist International (see above).

Also it has been known that one of the victims, the island's volunteer guard, was a relative of the royal family.

Update: Public Intelligence quotes the most relevant parts of Bervik's diary, explaining how he contacted his pan-European "Templar" network via Serbian chetniks (described as cultural conservatives)  including a war criminal (treated as hero) refuged in Liberia and how he was mentored by certain Englishman nicknamed Richard, who seems pretty much the center of the organization.

If we are to believe Breivik, the organization would have at least some 30 members scattered in several isolated cells, which have forbidden direct contact with each other. The countries or regions with presence are, allegedly: Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Balticum, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Armenia, Lebanon and Russia.

Terrorism: a far right product

They are dismissed as crackpots or marginal gangs without any relevance. But for many many decades terrorism has been largely product of far right extremists under the shadowy protection of police and secret services.

This is also the case in Norway and very strictly so. Aslak Sira Myhre tells us at The Guardian how every single terrorist attack in Norway has been from the extremist Right:

For decades, political violence in this country has been almost the sole preserve of neo-Nazis and other racist groups. During the 1970s they bombed leftwing bookstores and a May Day demonstration. In the 80s two neo-Nazis were executed because they were suspected of betraying the group. In the past two decades, two non-white Norwegian boys have been died as a result of racist attacks. No foreign group has killed or hurt people on Norwegian territory since the second world war, except for the Israeli security force Mossad, which targeted and killed an innocent man by mistake on Lillehammer in 1973.

Don't forget Gladio: Gladio (or whatever other name) was and still is the shadowy network that maintains the Empire in Europe by means of targeted killings and psy ops. It was formed out of, essentially, fascists by the CIA and MI6 after WWII but it became highly notorious in the years of lead of the 1970s and 80s. 

It is very likely that this attack is one of such psy ops, even if we are yet to know why. 

I insist that following the thread of the police chiefs who disabled the reaction capability should bring the research somewhere, because extremist fascist networks are invariably connected deep within the police and secret services.

May-15 'indignants' converge in Madrid

Many thousands demonstrators took again parts of Madrid, notably the Puerta del Sol, in a show of force against the neoliberal economics and laws promoted by the IMF, the EU and the twin-party system. Some carried banners demanding economic democracy, that is: that citizens also get to decide on all things economic and not just what brand the new cloned ruler styles.

It is like choosing between Pepsi and Coke... but being forced to drink cola no matter what. 

What the indignados are saying, I understand, is no more cola, thanks.

Of course cola brands remain indifferent to their demands and claim that they are vague in their demands, chosing always the does not know/does not answer box in their opinion polls, which always ask what brand of cola do you prefer?

Seven columns from seven peripheral territories under Spanish administration converged into Madrid this weekend. Also another march took place in the remote Canary Islands.

Sources: La Haine[es], Al Jazeera.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway terrorist cannot have acted alone

There are a number of unsolved issues in relation to the Norway terror attacks:

Issue no. 1 - The known mass murderer, Breivik, claims to have acted alone, yet numerous testimonies among the Utöya survivors claim to have felt shooting from other directions. Who to believe? Victims in principle. We must consider that a single shooter could have been submitted by 600 people sooner than later - harder if the there were sharpshooters (one or more) hidden somewhere.

Issue no. 2 - Breivik could not have got the automatic weapons he used in the Utöya massacre from his hobby as hunter. He must have bought them in the black market, probably via other fascist militants with the adequate connections. 

Issue no. 3 - Why in spite of all kind of help requests from Utöya police did not intervene in two hours 45 minutes?! The lake is at the outskirts of Oslo not in the remote Arctic or anything like that. Besides, they were necessarily already in maximum alert because of the Oslo bombing, so the reaction time should have been minimal. Who delayed police intervention? Why did they lack helicopters, what about the army?

Issue no. 4 - Why for hours and hours after it was known that the known attacker was ethnically Norwegian, so many media insisted in the Al Qaeda connection? Why after this was demonstrated impossible the attacks are being buried so quickly as a lone man's action instead of the organized fascist terrorism it probably is?

The last question is maybe the easiest one to answer: the likes of Breivik in the legal political arena, the Wilders, the Tea Party scum, the European Popular Party even... are understandably scared of being labeled as terrorists or supporters of terrorism, just as they usually label anything vaguely Muslim. 

But is there any difference? Obviously Breivik and his still unknown (but certain to exist) network aim to do exactly the same as the Islamist terrorist organizations. And, obviously, like these, they are mere puppets of the shadow powers that rule the World and not any genuine expression of the wishes of the peoples involved and hijacked in the process.

Update: Charlie Pottins also thinks that Breivik had connections, and not just in Norway. Apparently Breivik posted a 1500 page manifesto online just before the attacks, including a diary of the planning. In those pages he claimed that he belongs to a small group committed to seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.

He predicts a war that will kill a million people (I wonder if it has to do with the warnings that Israel will attack Iran in Autumn). He also claims to have taken part in a re-foundation of the Knight Templars in 2002 in London and boasts of his contacts and debates with the English Defense League, a Neonazi organization.

Update (Jul 25): BBC live coverage mentions that:

Norway's Aftenposten is reporting that the police did not have access to any surveillance helicopters due to holidays.

Uh? No helicopters because of holidays, never mind that there can be emergency rescues to make among excursionists or that, as member of NATO, Norwar has a respectable army in a respectable state of alert...

I suspect that this is a key lead to who is behind the attacks: who is behind police and military inability to effectively quit the shooting in, say, 15 minutes?

The ideology of Norway's mass murderer is supported by 23% of Norwegians

Just like Hitler would have never amounted to anything without the support of large sectors of German society, it is probable that the criminal of Oslo and Utöya would have never existed, much less had access to so many weapons without a big cancer that corrodes Norwegian society as well: the Progress Party (FrP), which spouses the same ideology of Breivik, and that has an electoral support of 23% of Norwegians, being the second force in Parliament. The party has emphasized anti-immigration policies, iron fist police and Neoliberalism. Considered a neonazi party it has been isolated by the rest of Norway's political parties, although the Conservatives have on occasion considered working with them (similarly it was the conservatives and christian-democrats who rised Hitler to power in Germany and who made up the file and rank of Franco's military coup).

However Hitler's and Franco's rise had other key element, the barely covert support by international elements such as imperialist Great Britain, more worried about class war than about democracy or human rights. Who are the international connection of Breivik? Two elements have come to light so far: he prided of his connections with the English Defence League, a dangerous Neonazi organization, was fan of Geer Wilders, member of the Neonazi online forum Nordisk and he has been confirmed to be a Freemason.

Breivik was member of the Progress Party between 1999 and 2006 or 2007.

Latest informations suggest that he had at least one accomplice.

Incidentally, the massacre happened when the Social-Democratic youths were making a homage to the International Brigades that took part against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War (SA[es], AUF[no]):

The Guardian discusses his ideology, arguing that instead of being a mere racist Neonazi he was more a cultural fascist like Geert Wilders or the US Tea Party.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascist terror attacks in Norway

The Army patrols the streets of Oslo
While there is still confusion about who is behind the terror attacks in Oslo and a Labor youth camp in the island of Utoeya, it seems that the gunman responsible for the latter, an ethnic Norwegian, has confessed to be related to the former and warned of two more attacks. 

A bomb exploded earlier at the center of Oslo in front of an immigration center at a Government offices complex. More or less simultaneously a gunman murdered at least seven people in the island of Utoeya where a Labor Party's youth camp took place (and seems that the Prime Minister was scheduled to attend). The Norwegian ethnicity and confessions of the attacker seem to establish by now as quite clear that the attacks are a Fascist plot against the Social-Democratic government and maybe foreign immigrants.

Another question is who is pulling the string from the shadows. I am not naive and I know that where there is an armed fascist organization there is a secret service or half a dozen. 

Washington's Blog also seems to have spotted this: why this attack? Why Norway? He suggests that Zionazi US senator Avigdor Liebermann had been recently attacking Norway and Sweden for mildly siding with the movement against the Apartheid in Palestine (see Haaretz). Another reason suggested is to have faltered in the quite stinky campaign of Libya, where Norway, a NATO member, had initially a relevant role but is now retiring

We may never know.  My best wishes in any case to the Norwegian People.

Update (Jul 23): 80 killed, Christian Fundamentalist xenophobic motivation confirmed

All the country is shocked (here the PM)
It has been confirmed that the author of at least the Utoeya shooting is Christian Fundamentalist Anders Behring Breivik, 32, with apparent links to Fascist and Islamophobic networks (some say that even in the USA but I have to clarify the link yet).

The number of victims has been raised to at least 80, most if not all the dead seem to be young people killed in Utoeya island by Breivik himself, who had automatic weapons and was dressed as policeman.

I earlier mentioned that the Oslo bomb attack had affected if not directly being directed against an immigration center. I cannot confirm this now, instead the objective seem to have been government offices with several ministries affected.

It is, in other words, a full Nazi military attack against the ruling Labor Party of Norway.

Photos from the Utoeya murderer:

No turban anywhere, right?

Some have said that the right clothing set is Mason, I cannot confirm but it is for sure Euro-redneck wannabe at its worst in any case.

Sources: Washington's Blog, Daily Mail, BBC.

Otxandio, 'the first Gernika'

While the bombing of Gernika on April 1937 became known worldwide, it was not the only civilian massacre perpetrated by the fascist winged criminals in those years. A less known episode is achieving recognition as of late thanks to the effort of historian Zigor Olabarria, concerned by the loss of memory as the survivors from that terrible era die from old age: the massacre of Otxandio.

On July 22 1936, just four days after the fascist coup, in the mountain village of Otxandio, Biscay, nobody was still really concerned or truly aware of what was going on. The fact that it was the local holidays, Santa Marina, had the people quite distracted in any case: it was still time to dance and party... or so they thought. 

There were anyhow some militiamen in the center of the village cooking breakfast. 

Early in the morning two small airplanes flew over the town, they greeted and were answered in kind. When they dropped something everybody thought they would be leaflets. But they were bombs.

61 were killed, mostly women and children. One of the bombers was born in the nearby city of Orduña, his name was Ángel Salas Larrazabal, the other pilot was José Muñoz Jiménez. Salas was congratulated by the rebel General Mola for his feat, he was later appointed Senator by King Juan Carlos I and even made Captain General (the highest ranking in the Spanish Army) in 1991. He died in bed in 1994. 

Sources and further information (in Spanish): Otxandio Town Hall, Deia newspaper, Sare Antifaxista. Watch also for the publication (in Basque) of the booklet Gerra Zibila Otxandion (The Civil War in Otxandio), which is being presented today in that village.

Telegraphic news review (July 22)


Romania: Protest against Canadian gold mine project in Romania. Permit is illegal. Cyanide poison risk. Culture minister resignation demanded. AFP.

Spain: Indignants' March approaches Madrid. Tele Sur video at PO (Spanish with English subtitles).

Belarus: 20 arrested in silent protests against dictatorship. Euronews video at PO.

Egypt: Protests continue for fast track reform. ABC.

South Africa: Wave of strikes grows. Extreme police repression. One killed. New law restricts freedom of speech. COSATU denounced as strike-breaker. Executive workers may earn as much as 300 times what basic workers. WSWS.

Malawi: Riots demand that President Mutharika resigns. Lilongwe and Mzuzu most affected. Violence began when judge declared peaceful protests against the rising cost of life illegal. BBC.

Japan: Fukushima Daiichi reactors no. 3 and  no. 4 suffer electric supply cut. TEPCO denies it may be yet another problem. NHK.

Colombia: 10,000 oil workers on strike. Unhappiness with working conditions. Triggered by firing of 1100 contractors by CEPSA's local subsidiary Cepcolsa after they became unionized. Contractors forced to accept short weekly contracts once and again. Fox.

USA: Hunger strike in California prison continues against extreme isolation punishments. Tele Sur video (Spanish with English subtitles) at PO.

Australia: Tear gas and bean bag rounds (shock pellets that can kill) to repress riot at immigrant detention center in Christmas Island. ABC.

Health: Key male infertility defect affects 25% and is a hidden protein defect (normal motility and sperm count). SD.

Quantum Physics: Heavy cousin of neutron observed for first time: Xi-sub-b (Ξb0). SD.

Thanks to and Energy News

Cairn Energy tries to gag environmentalists... and fails miserably

This image is illegal in some parts of Europe, go figure!
Scottish oil drilling company Cairn Energy has attempted to legally gag a Greenpeace protest that took place at its offices in Edinburgh on Monday. In the protest a number of activists dressed as polar bears occupied the see of the Scottish multinational searching for the missing emergency plans in the case of oil spill in the Arctic.

Funnily enough they managed to get a super-gag order from some obsolete judge, which pretended to achieved that any Tweets and Facebook updates made by the protesters during the incident be redacted.

The result is a total mess but essentially has achieved a much higher profile for the protest and by now everyone has seen the forbidden photos of the searching polar bears... and knows that there is a Scottish oil company that has no idea of what is doing - or so must we think considering its lack of transparency and fear of truth.

The gag order, which obviously has no effect outside the UK, forbids:

... disseminating, printing, uploading, sharing, copying or otherwise publishing any images, photographs, pictures or other material (or copies thereof) taken or recorded by Greenpeace activists present within 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh on or around 18 July 2011. 

The oil corporation has been drilling at Greenland at depths greater than 900 meters. According to Greenpeace:

Cairn Energy is using its legal muscle to try and gag us from telling the truth about their dangerous oil drilling in the fragile Arctic environment. The company is clearly worried that our volunteers may have got their hands on their secret Arctic spill response documents and now they are determined to continue their cover-up by any means they can – even if that means impinging on important freedoms of expression.

This image instead is legal everywhere, oddly enough

Argh, those pesky polar bears may get to know!

As you can see in this video, both Greenpeace and Cairn Energy field managers know that having a PUBLIC emergency plan is compulsory by ethical requirements that the company and the Greenland government claim to follow:

Sources: Scotsman, Greenpeace New Zealand, etc.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick news review (July 21)

Some news and stuff I don't have energies to treat in depth but that are anyhow quite interesting:

Antifascist wallpapers.- Two versions (Antifa and Antifascist All Stars) at Sare Antifaxista, originally from Danish site Projekt Antifa.

Zionists panicking at possible loss of Murdoch.- Jews sans frontieres discusses how key Zionist sites are showing clear worry at the tumbling of the rotten media empire.

CIA veteran warns of Israel attack against Iran in the Fall.- Al Jazeera echoes this warning bt the Hollywood-famous ex-spy Robert Baer (Syriana). He warns that the USA will follow suit and will get us all in yet another stupid, criminal and pointless war.

Town 150 km North of Fukushima NPP, as polluted as some areas within 50 km.- The Ministry of Science launched the warning and NHK echoes it but the radiation map that has inspired the minister is a creation of the Japanese civil society and not the government, which has bee rather trying to hide the severity of the situation so far.

The fascist authors of the Spanish Biographical Dictionary accused at court.- For the crimes of injury and apology of genocide. Reported at Sare Antifaxista[es], for background see here.

Anti-Zionist demonstration in Jerusalem.- A peaceful demo took place at Jerusalem demanding the end of the Zionist occupation and the recognition of Palestinian statehood. Video at

35 arrested at San Francisco (California) protest against police violence.- Video at Apparently they were protesting a killing by police. The armed organization declared the civic protest illegal and rounded them up.

Kurds begin hunger strike at Dublin (Ireland).- They demand the revocation of the Treaty of Lausanne, which divided Kurdistan between for foreign states: Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Video at

Novel approach improves windfarm efficiency.- Science Daily mentions that  Caltech suggests recovering vertical axis wind turbine design, which would allow to locate them close to each other, tapping the most of local wind, adapting to low altitude turbulent winds and reducing overall environmental impact.

Pluto has yet another moon.- Pluto may not be anymore a true planet but it has four moons. That is the new finding by a Hubble telescope survey, adding to the already known Charon, Nyx and Hydra moons of the dwarf planet. The new satellite has been provisionally named P4 (for Pluto-4, you guessed it).

Artificial neural network trained to discern between four scientists.-  A network of four neuron-like artificial cells (built using DNA, so still biological even if artificial) has been trained to solve a logical puzzle by which it identifies one of four possible scientists on a number of possible combined clues. SD.

Laetoli footprints show modern human gait 3.7 million years ago.- SD.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two more farmers murdered in Honduras

The violent repression at the hands of the terrorist bourgeois, like the infamous Facussé, with the protection of the illegitimate coupist government of Porfirio Lobo, sadly continues in Honduras: two more farmers were murdered on Saturday.

The victims of Capitalist terrorism are: Luis Alonso Ortiz Borjas, 52 (father of five, three of them minors) and Constantino Morales Enamorado, 32 (father of two toddlers). They were both members of the Cooperative Nueva Marañones, affiliated to the Unified Farmer Movement of Bajo Aguán (MUCA). Bullets were not saved in their murders, getting 14 and 12 shots respectively. 

The peasants of the Bajo Aguán area denounce that masked men with AK-47 and R-15 rifles patrol the region with impunity. These people are troops dressed as civilians. 

Police has made up a pretext not to investigate the murder, accusing peasants of not allowing them to access the corpses, what is totally false. 

The farmers demand the fulfilling of the covenant of April 2010 by which they were given 11,000 hectares. Landowners oppose this by criminal means but with the support of the fascist government.  

Source: LINYM[es] .

Review of Japan's radioactive situation (video featuring A. Gundersen)

As always the video-updates on the catastrophic situation of Japan by retired nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen are the most informative:

Fukushima Dai Ichi continues to release radiation (steam visible by night) while this is less than on the first weeks, it is likely that will continue emitting "for a long time".

Gundersen also discusses the plans for a sarcophagus for at least reactor 1, to be implemente in September. However the melted cores in China syndrome situation are not going to be directly dealt with (at least in 10 years). 

Chernobyl experts visiting say things are really really bad.

Indoor-grown mushrooms 35 miles from the accident are highly radioactive. Then there is the growing number of radioactive cows and how the authorities did not properly tested the meat for radiation, with the derivate danger (and food scare) for the public.

The recommendation of 50 miles (80 km) evacuation zone made by the USA seems to have been a correct assessment. Instead Japan only implemented 20 km and then 30 km, a small fraction of what was needed. 

But radiation is reaching far beyond the 80 km area, as we have discussed here on occasion: it is clearly important in Tokyo metropolitan area, where the soil has been polluted by the so-called black rain.

Gundersen finishes with this appeal to the Japanes authorities: rather than limiting the information, it is important that they limit the radiation.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SOS video-testimonies from Fukushima

Must watch, just 5-6 mins of your time each.

Independent councilor  from Minamisōma, town North of Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power plant that was only reluctantly evacuated by the criminal Japanese government, many weeks after the catastrophe. He complains that the government and the mayor want to settle back the 71,000 citizens. In Japanese with English subtitles:

Concerned citizens from Fukushima city, which has not been evacuated in spite of the clearly high levels of contamination, much higher than what got the people around Chernobyl evacuated. They are extremely concerned about their children's health and thank you for listening. In Japanese with French and English subtitles:

See also at this blog:
Radiation measure (by the People's self-organization, what's the government worth?) at present date:

Updated map and legend here. Only pale yellow is at levels considered safe (0.114 μS/h). Other yellow may be as much as 80% above safe levels, green and blue shades are already several times safe levels, while pink and red colors are at least 10 times the legal limit.