Sunday, July 3, 2011

200,000 demonstrate in Hong-Kong against Capitalist speculators

How ironic it is that the People demonstrate against the ultra-Capitalist policies promoted by a self-defined "communist" party. How sad!

Besides the cost of housing and speculation around it, demonstrators also protested for attempts to restrict the democratic prerogatives that Hong-Kong has, notably the issue of byelections, which can be forced by representatives' resignations (a good idea we should copy, so majorities don't get too arrogant on risk of being forced by the minority to call new elections).

The turnout was surprising. Later, some thousands attempted sit ins and were arrested. 

Source: China Worker (via PO). The article includes some analysis comparing this movement with those around the Mediterranean and claiming that both the reasons (Capitalism) and lack of clear understanding by the People are the same.

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