Thursday, July 31, 2014

Political persecution against Basques continues

20 Basque citizens were sentenced to prison penalties between 15 months and three years in yet another imperialist mock trial, another expression of the colonialist power exerted by Castile-Spain on the Southern Basque Country.

The Audiencia Nacional political court (alias the Inquisition), created by Franco in order to persecute political dissidents and protect the regime's brutality and corruption, decreed with no evidence other than totally biased police reports that the political parties and coalitions People's Unity (HB), We Basque Citizens (EH) and Unity (Batasuna) were mere tools of the Basque guerrilla ETA and that the social centers known as People's Taverns (Herriko Tabernak in Basque) were financial tools of ETA (without any detail of how that could be, particularly considering that ETA had its own revolutionary tax financing system). 

In the detail of the sentences to each of the accused, the evidence comes to be something like lack of express condemnation of ETA merely being member of one of the above mentioned parties. In other words: they are being declared guilty by their opinions and political activity.

In the case of Rufi Etxeberria he is being sentenced (also) for declining to help with a revolutionary tax payment in 1993. He was contacted by Joseba Egibar (a prominent EAJ-PNV leader) to do so and it has been clearly established that he flatly rejected the proposition.

Only one of the judges, Clara Bayarri, issued a dissident vote claiming that all the accused should be acquitted. 

Beside the prison penalties, 111 People's Taverns are to be confiscated by the state. 

The trial has lasted for 12 years, beginning in 2003 when the Inquisition declared the three parties (roughly successor of each other) illegal. The defense will appeal to the Supreme Court, what leaves the sentence suspended by the moment. 

What is clear from the continued political repression against Basques, even now that ETA is knee-deep in a unilateral process of disarmament, is that for Castile-Spain it does not matter if the struggle for Basque freedom is performed by violent or peaceful means, the only thing that matters to them is that we do not bow to the imperialist imposition.

Source: Gara[es].

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kiev attacks Malaysian experts attempting to reach the air catastrophe in East Ukraine

Aircraft from the Kiev Fascist Junta shot Malaysian experts[es] attempting to reach the spot where the airplane fell days ago after, almost certainly, being shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force in some twisted plot for a false-flag attack (as it has become just way too usual in the last decades).

The Malaysian experts had to flee back to Donetsk where the authorities of the People's Republic gave them the two black boxes of the downed airplane (picture right).

Kiev has rejected to comply with the OSCE and UN demanded cease fire and humanitarian corridor to investigate the downing of the civilian airplane. Russia has demanded that "the West" forces Ukraine to comply with the ceasefire.

Russia has also posed a list of 10 questions to Kiev and Washington to be explained regarding the catastrophe of MH17:
  1. Why did the MH17 plane leave the international corridor?
  2. Was MH17 leaving the route a navigation mistake or was the crew following instructions by Ukrainian air traffic controllers in Dnepropetrovsk?
  3. Why was a large group of air defense systems deployed to the militia-held area if the self-defense forces have no planes?
  4. Why did Kiev deploy BUK missile systems on the edge of militia-controlled zones directly before the tragedy?
  5. On the day of the crash Kiev intensified Kupol-M1 9S18 radar activity, key BUK system components. Why?
  6. What was a military plane doing on the route intended for civilian flights?
  7. Why was the military jet flying at so close to a passenger plane?
  8. Where did the launcher – from the video circulated by Western media and showing a Buk system being moved allegedly from Ukraine to Russia – come from? As the video was made on the territory controlled by Kiev, where was the launcher being transported?
  9. Where is it right now? Why are some of the missiles missing on the launcher? When was the last time a missile was launched from it?
  10. Why haven’t US officials revealed the evidence supporting claims that the MH17 was shot down by a missile launched by the militia?
See also this throughout analysis at Global Research.

Comparison of routed flight and actual flight.

Monday, July 21, 2014

ETA dissolves its operational structures

In spite of zero or even negative advances by the Spanish and French authorities, the Basque guerrilla ETA is taking further steps in their unilateral demilitarization of the conflict. 

ETA states the following goals:
  • Overcoming the consequences of the confrontation.
  • Guaranteeing civil and political rights.
  • Agreement to build a democratic environment, in which every project is possible, including independence, being this the word and decision of the Basque citizens.
ETA confirms their determination to end the phase of armed conflict but they reaffirm their goals of independence and socialism, but they understand that the armed conflict is being replaced by a democratic political conflict. 

In this sense, they announce the following new steps:
  • To deactivate their operational and logistical structures
  • To offer their arsenals for supervised sealing
  • To direct their efforts to political activities
  • Internal reorganization towards these peace and political goals

They demand:
  • The liberation of all political prisoners and refugees, including ETA members
  • An orderly and agreed disarmament process
  • The demilitarization of Basque society (today occupied by many military and police facilities)

Source: full ETA communication at Gara[eus]. See also synthesis at Naiz Info[es].

Police repression of solidarity with Palestine in Paris - 50,000 march in London for Gaza

As I mentioned before the fascistoid Government of Manuel Valls tried to forbid a demonstration of solidarity with Gaza in Paris. In the last minute the courts reversed the Government's decision and authorized it but by then only the New Anticapitalist Party was standing for the march, legal or not. 

For two hours the demonstration, which gathered several thousands, marched through Paris chanting "we all are Palestinians", "no to Gaza blockade", "Israel assassin, Hollande accomplice", etc.

However at 16:20 police attacked the march, apparently unprovoked, triggering a street battle around the North Rail Station of the city. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

50,000 march in London

In England instead everything was more peaceful and some 50,000 people (up to 100,000, according to some sources) marched through the streets of London in support of the victims of Zionist murderous madness. 

Some few hundreds fascists rallied in support of Genocide in a separate location.

Source: Jews sans frontieres.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

French State bans Palestine solidarity demos

Surprising even for a government led by such a fascist beast as Manuel Valls. As the British conservative newspaper Daily Mail reports
France's Socialist government provoked outrage today by becoming the first in the world to ban protests against Israeli action in Palestine.

In what is viewed as an outrageous attack on democracy, Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.

Mr Cazeneuve said there was a ‘threat to public order’, while opponents said he was ‘criminalising’ popular support of the Palestinian people. 

Jews sans frontieres also mentions that this has been pushed by a fascist organization known as Jewish Defense League (LDJ by its French acronym but an international group), which has been actively attacking Internationalist protests against the genocide in Gaza.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Novorossiya reports suggest widespread defeat of Ukrainian Army

While the report is authored by the Lugansk People's Republic Militia, what implies an unhidden bias, I find it quite interesting that they are able to report so many details on Ukraine's military defeats, desertions and disorganization.

They report:
  • Sustained loses on a failed Ukrainian offensive
  • Liberation of Marinovka
  • Several military jets' being hit
  • Three "Uki" brigades fleeing in panick
  • Many desertions, even among Nazi death squads' ranks: On the hottest parts of the front, Ukies have been observed throwing away their weapons, taking off their military markings, with some even removing their uniforms and changing into civilian clothes, and running toward the Russian border. Those who have no civilian clothes with them run with peeled-off epaulets. Some, and, in particular, members of the punitive battalions and Praviy Sector militants, have been seen stripping to their underwear.

It seems quite apparent that, while the Kiev Junta may have the theoretical means, in the field of morale and actual effective fighting, it is the Popular Republics who are doing a lot better.

Zionists invade Gaza Ghetto by land

It is unclear which are their goals but this is the first such land intervention by the Zionist Colony in the Gaza Strip since they evacuated it in 2005.

It is however apparent that the Zionist State is probably behind the offshore gas wealth of Gaza, already controlled de facto by the Zionists but legally disputed by the UN-recognized Palestine State, and it may well also attempt a throughout genocide in the massive open air prison, forcing the exit of most of its 1.7 million denizens (mostly refugees from other parts of Palestine, now annexed to "Israel") to Egypt or even kill them on the spot with chemical weapons, which are known to have been used already in the few hours that the attack has lasted. 

The Zionist campaign seems dead set into occupying all Gaza and has absolutely no qualms about murdering civilians, including children and the infirm.

My understanding is that they want to implement a massive genocide in all the residual Palestine and that this Gaza "campaign" is just the beginning. The very convenient presence of the so-called Islamic State in neighboring areas and the firm pro-Imperial grip of the Military Junta in Egypt make it impossible that anyone seriously challenges the Zionist genocidal campaign so they are quite probably attempting to kill or expel all Palestinians still living in their homeland in a new edition of the 1948 Nakba.

If the Zionist State succeeds in Gaza, next will be the West Bank and Galilee, where the Native Palestinian population is still dominant. Dissident "Israelis" are also being targeted by Jewish Superiority Nazi mobs, which have been unleashed through much of the suffering country of Palestine.

Meanwhile the Zionist allies in Europe and North America just look elsewhere and pretend this is just a "war" with a particularly uncomfortable high civilian death toll.

Sources: RT, AJ.

Amsterdam flight shot down by Ukraine's Junta

While the Junta is, as usual, trying to blame the democratically seceded Novorossiya Federation, just as they did when they bombed the Russian village of Donetsk days ago, the fact is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had just deployed anti-aircraft batteries in the area where the plane was shot down. 

The Novorossiya militias just don't have that sort of anti-aircraft capabilities but only the simpler kind that reaches to 3-4 Km, totally unable to hit the airplane at cruise height.

Twitter reports by airport controllers also tell that the airplane was being "escorted" by two Ukraine's fighter jets just before it was shot down.

The Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 covering the route Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur was shot down yesterday killing 298 people, mostly European tourists en route to Malaysia. Some 150 of the victims are Dutch.

Airlines have rerouted all commercial flights in order to avoid Ukraine's airspace.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Internationalists form "human shield" to Zionist attacks against Gaza Hospital

The genocide in Gaza continues by the mad hand of the Zionazis. They know no shame nor fear any punishment, knowing that the US Empire backs them unconditionally. They have repeatedly threatened and actually attacked, injuring two, the Al-Wafa Hospital (pictured), forcing the direction of the hospital to evacuate all those who could leave the hospital and move to the lower floors those who could not. 

It is not the only medical facility attacked by the Zionazi forces, who have already murdered several patients in other similar buildings. 

But the Zionazi genocidal bullying has not remained unchallenged: eight brave international activists have occupied the vacated top floors of the hospital in a near-suicidal attempt to force the hand of the Zionist colonists. The so-called Israeli Self-Defense Forces (ah, the cruel sarcasm of the gratuitous adjectives!) know that they are staying there and they hold Israel sole responsible of their lives, which they offer to save the humanitarian facility. 

The eight nonviolent activists are from all over the World
Source: Kaos en la Red[es].

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fukushima news

Fukushima emergency... blog has today a batch of more info, unavoidably bad news, on the ongoing nuclear disaster of Japan. I'm just listing a few here, if you really want to know please follow the specialist blogs and sites.

Fifth reactor under serious problems

On one side reactor number 5, originally spared, from the catastrophe is now under major cooling problems, with no solution in sight. This has been ongoing for a week or more now but the it becomes more and more serious as the situation is not being brought under control in any non-provisional way.

Offshore dumping sites around Japan hit by earthquakes

In the map to the right it seems surprisingly obvious that these offshore dumping areas for radioactive and other highly toxic materials are right on top of major fault lines. So good for those who trust the engineers' qualification and seriousness.

On the other hand it underlines that radioactive pollution in the North Pacific Ocean is probably not only caused by Fukushima but also for a whole half century of nuclear madness, which has left lots of residues on land but also under the sea. 

Independent researchers are prevented from investigating the radioactivity around Japan and only governments and the UN agency IAEA (under tight control by the Nuclear Lobby) are allowed to do so.

→ original article at FEWCWD.

Fukushima radiation in Philippines: no dose is "harmless"
Dr. Romeo F. Quijano writes from Philippines reporting that the authorities have finally acknowledged that Fukushima fallout has reached the country, although they are minimizing its importance. Excerpt:
For the past several years, health research on the effects of ionizing radiation exposure has focused on estimating the number of excess radiation-induced fatal cancers and excess severe genetic diseases to be expected in a population given the average estimated exposure to radiation for the country. Other radiation-related human tragedies such as earlier occurrence of cancers, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, developmental disorders, and other illnesses are not included. This averaging approach also fails to deal with global distribution of air and water with the result that deaths and the cumulative damage to future generations are not limited to one country.

The painful human experience from ionizing radiation since the US dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 has stimulated a tremendous growth in understanding the harmful effects of ionizing radiation on the human body, despite the official suppression of independent scientific data by the nuclear powers. Thanks to independent scientists, we now know that radiation has no safe level.

As early as 1955, Dr. Alice Stewart. who was head of the Department of Preventative Medicine at Oxford University, discovered that the number of children dying of leukemia had risen 50% in only a few years. She determined that babies born to mothers who had a series of maternal X-rays of the pelvic region during pregnancy were twice as likely to develop leukemia or cancer as babies of mothers who had not been X-rayed. These diagnostic X-rays exposed the patient to extremely low doses of radiation. Other researchers have since verified these findings and have shown the number of mutations to be in direct ratio to the amount of radiation received by the reproductive organs.

In 1970, Dr. Thomas Mancuso, a professor of occupational health at the University of Pittsburgh, was commissioned by the Atomic Energy Commission to study the “biological effects, if any, of low-level ionizing radiation among workers employed in atomic energy facilities”. It was expected that Mancuso’s study would find that nuclear work was safe. However, Dr. Mancuso's team found a definite relationship between low levels of radiation and the development of certain types of cancer in spite of the fact that all workers employed were specifically selected for their excellent health. They discovered three kinds of cancers among the workers: lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and cancers of blood-forming tissues, particularly Myeloma. The cancers were occurring at well below the radiation exposure levels of the official limit of five rads per year. This meant that the current standards for nuclear safety might be twenty times too high. However, there were powerful forces who suppressed the research. Mancuso’s funding was cut off and he was ordered not to publish his findings. He was denied further access to the workers’ data. In 1977 he was ordered to give up his files or have them seized.  Practically everyone who sided with Mancuso were subjected to character assassination or lost their funding. The government would only allow studies of workers health records to be performed by labs under them. The data of workers health became the virtual monopoly of a small group of government sponsored scientists and were unavailable to the larger scientific community.

Fukushima women demand government resignations

Fukushima Women against Nukes have demanded in press conference the resignation of Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara as well as a sensible change in the government policies about nuclear pollution and, particularly, its effect on children.

They also denounce the obscurantism and shameless cheating of the Government in measuring radiation and evaluating the danger it poses for the population.

They also feel extremely upset for the lack of support by the authorities to the nuclear refugees.

They denounce that the Government is only concerned with hiding the problem.

No to fracking demand reaches the stratosphere

No kidding. The mascot of the fiestas of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zeledon, traveled to the Earth's stratosphere with all his paraphernalia (wine bag, beret and umbrella) and with a strong message: FRACKING EZ (no to fracking in Basque).

Zeledon in space against fracking (more images at La Otra Mitad)

It is no photoshopping: the puppet is part of a balloon sent by the pupils of a course imparted by the astronomical difussion group La Otra Mitad (the other half). This is the third such course and the third such estratospheric ballooon sent by this modest group of Basque enthusiasts of Astronomy. The first one, Haziak 1, carried no icon, while the second one, Txantxiku 1, brought to the near space a fluffy frog with a Basque national flag.

Haziak 2, which is this balloon carrying Zeledon and the anti-fracking message, was launched from Vitoria-Gasteiz on Saturday at 11:50 (CET), climbing to 33 kilometers before exploding above the Sierra of Cantabria at 13:38. The equipment fell near Cenicero (La Rioja) around 14:10.

La Otra Mitad is in the process of compiling a video on this modest Basque astronomical feat, as well as analyzing the scientific data gathered by the balloon. 

Among other abusive late Capitalist impositions, the authorities are trying to implement the highly destructive method of oil production known a fracking in the Araba region of the Basque Country. As usual the vast majority of the population is against it but the oligarchs manage to force-feed their decisions by legal imposition and without any referendum.

Source: Naiz Info.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Gaza genocidal brutality spills over to the USA: HS agent shoots anti-Zionist protesters

From the Electronic Intifada:

An officer with the Department of Homeland Security opened fire on Palestine solidarity activists as they drove away from a pro-Israel rally in front of the Federal Building in Westwood in Los Angeles on Sunday. The activists have also complained that they were attacked by Israel supporters.

The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah was attacked by Los Angeles police in the same area while filming a pro-Israel rally last week.  

After being shot at, the men were detained by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and then smeared by various media outlets as violent members of Hamas.

... more at EI.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Massive peodiphilia scandal shatters British political class

Westminster palace
Insistent rumors happened to be true. At least 40 British politicians, very possibly more, are implicated in recurrent children abuse. Too many and too powerful to be investigated, until now?

The criminal scandal goes back to at least the 1980s but cover-up and missing dossiers delayed the investigation three decades. The criminals belong to all three major political parties: Tory, Labour and Liberals, what underlines that the persistent rumors about pedophile rings being widespread among the power elites, not just politicians, are very much real.

Why would politicians risk their careers for a sexual abuse caprice? A growing suspicion is that children abuse has been a key part of power elites' networking for way too long. The details are obscure but it seems to me that it is the same kind of "sub-clinical psychopath" who is drawn to power-climbing and other forms of bullying, of which child abuse is just one of the most extreme of them. 

Bullies draw their sick emotional satisfaction from inflicting damage to others with impunity (they do fear punishment and that's why they are "sub-clinical"). The most sophisticated of bullies is the Machiavellian, for which power becomes both means for their sick hobby of inflicting pain to others and an end in itself. Not every bully becomes a Machiavellian but every Machiavellian is a bully.

Machiavellians are obsessed with the value of authority (hierarchical obedience) but also with those of purity and ingroup loyalty. However those not belonging to their group (their power network, ethnic or religious group, etc.) are irrelevant for them, unlike what happens with normal healthy people. 

It is interesting that they are obsessed with purity, because what represents purity better than a child? Maybe it is their psychological (and psychopathic) mindset what draws them to pedophilia in such large numbers?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Napalm genocide

Jewish Supremacists are throwing napalm with fragmentation bombs against Gaza denizens as seen in this apocalyptic photo from WG:

It must be said that the kidnapping and murder of three settler youths seems to have been done by the Mossad. In fact the chief of this terrorist agency, Tamir Pardo, wondered a week before in the context of political debate about a new "security law" (another Nazi law): what if a week from now three settler teenagers are kidnapped?

These words were uttered in the context of a meeting of the Security Bureau on June 5th, according to Ha'aretz.

Coincidence? No way. It almost certainly a false flag attack.

It is not the first time that the Zionist secret service attacks Jews (in Israel or elsewhere, for example in Argentina) in order to create a pretext or rally the global Jewry around Zionism. In fact it has become almost routine.

However in this case, as in the ridiculously poor false-flag knife attack of London last year, there is not even certainty of any actual death: no cries in the funeral, way too light coffins which seemed empty, was anyone even kidnapped at all?

Source: Voltaire Network (available in Spanish and French).

Genocide in Gaza (again)

Not feeling like writing much these days but there are crimes before which one just cannot remain silent and feel alright. And these days this is the brutal bombing of Gaza Ghetto, where 1.7 million refugees from other parts of Palestine barely survive under perpetual siege, by the Zionist colony with all the blessings or at the very least complicit silence by its Western Imperial protector. 

Gernika 1937, Gaza 2014 (WG)

Victims of Zionist latest genocidal campaign (LINyM)

As of now at least 121 human beings have been brutally murdered by the overpowered Zionist air force, injured people are probably well above the thousand. They just go, drop cluster bombs and kill people while from the nearby hills settlers celebrate in the maddest genocidal campaign one can imagine.

Funeral of a child murdered by Zionism (WG)
Meanwhile in Jerusalem the Nazi Zionist settler gangs are attacking every single Arab or Jewish Leftist they can find (→ video). 

The brutality of bombings on civilian areas is scary (WG)

Whole families have been exterminated (WG)
Injured children of the Jewish Supremacist massacre (WG)

As this cartoon denounces there is absolutely no possible justification for this criminal violence against a whole population (unless you think like Hitler, that is):

It reads (from left to right, top to bottom):
  • FAMILY or "affective entourage" of Hamas
  • FRIEND or "solidary entourage" of Hamas
  • NEIGHBOR or "physical entourage" of Hamas
  • ARBITRARY VICTIM or "human shield" of Hamas
  • KID or "potential member" of Hamas
  • The Zionazi soldier then says: "Civilian victims?, what civilian victims?"
Or this one:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Protests take over San Fermin procession

The traditional San Fermin procession of July 7th in Iruñea-Pamplona took place under great tension as most watchers were actually protesting against the Neofascist regime that has ruined Navarre by means of Capitalist corruption (scandalous sell-off of public banks and other services).

The main cry heard was UPN kanpora!, which translates as UPN out! Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN) is the regional branch of the Neofascist People's Party in power in Madrid, which has ruled Navarre with the help of other unionists (PSN-PSOE) for decades now, succumbing to the maelstrom of UE-led corruption that has seen the public assets liquidated to the only benefit of private investors predators and their political cronies. The people of Navarre is clearly tired of such abuses and demands elections now.

RAND Corporation designed the genocide in Donbass

The memorandum of the planned genocide in Donbass was redacted by the US think tank RAND Corporation.

The think-tank, which is funded by the US Government, as well as private actors of this imperialist state, issued a confidential memorandum suggesting what to do in East Ukraine in horrific detail:

The stage one, "total isolation of the rebel region" has already been almost acomplished. 

Stage two is ongoing and it must be underlined how they plan to, and have actually begun to, intern every single adult man in concentration camps where mass executions are planned to take place against anyone resisting or suspect of being an active militiaman. 

The policy of media blackening is also ongoing. 

The introductory paragraphs are also horribly informative: decimation of the Russian speaker population of East Ukraine, disorganization of the "pro-Russian" voter base, etc.

It is also outraging how they show the greatest disdain for the industry of Ukraine in the introductory paragraphs, actively planning to dismantle it, with the pretext that it consumes Russian gas but the underlying intention of using the conflict to destroy the economy of the country so it does not compete with core EU nor the USA anymore.

This is Obama's and Nuland's Nazi proconsulate over Ukraine, whose even smallest steps are designed in Washington D.C. or Santa Monica, California.

Source: Pop Off Quotidiano[it] (via Webguerrillero[es])

Ukranian Nazi battalion destroyed

On the good side of the war, the whole Azov Battalion, formed by Nazis financed by Zionist oligarch Kolomoisky (owner of PrivatBank), was annihilated by the Donetsk Militia. 238 of the 320 stormtroopers were either injured or killed by mortar fire. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

Sunday, July 6, 2014

San Fermin: police state fails again

The internationally famous fiestas of Iruñea-Pamplona are back and, yet another year, the Neo-Fascist  government has attempted by all means to impede that the Basque National claim be present in the inaugural txupin (rocket launching cum discourse).

Police patrolled the roofs and tightly controlled the accesses to the City Hall Plaza, the turn of Basque Nationalist Left coalition EH Bildu to cast the inaugural discourse was arbitrarily skipped in favor of the Red Cross (reactionary lapdog charity). They did all they could to keep the cry of the Basques out of the Plaza... but to no avail:

 Neither Madrid, nor Barcina, nor Felipe... 
                   Navarre decides!                         

Sources: Berria (article, photo gallery), Naiz Info (article 1, article 2, photo gallery). Photos by Argazki Press.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gernika in Ukraine today: Kiev's Air Force flattens Kondrasheva.

While the Fascist regime in Kiev talks of cease-fire and negotiations, the reality is that it is systematically attacking the self-ruled people's republics of the East.

The village of Kondrasheva was outright flattened as can be seen in many photos and videos compiled by Webguerrillero. At least seven civilians were killed, including a 5 y.o. boy.

YouTube is already applying censorship on the coverage of this massacre on grounds of "disgusting and shocking content", i.e. the mutilated bodies of the the victims of Kiev's Nazi terrorism.

Images like this one:

Or this one:

Or maybe just these: