Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moody decrees the dismantling of Portugal

The highly suspicious US "rating agency" Moody's (a scorpions' nest of the worst speculators as far as I can tell) has decreed that Portuguese debt must be degraded to junk status (Ba2). 

This basically means, I understand that, after the relatively successful pillage of Greece, the Capitalist International has decided to externalize the costs of this crisis against the Portuguese people, which can expect to suffer almost exactly as Greece. 

Portuguese workers are already migrating here (and have been for many decades) to work in conditions and with salaries that are plainly illegal, displacing local workers and allowing for greater levels of exploitation to spread around. 

In this sense, and not just out of sympathy, that also, we cannot want neither Portugal nor any other country on Earth being exploited abusively by the global Capitalist mafia: it is bad for all. We need decent salaries, decent working conditions and human and labor rights all around the World. 

Capitalists are pitting us workers against each other: we need to dismantle Capitalism now.

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