Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascist terror attacks in Norway

The Army patrols the streets of Oslo
While there is still confusion about who is behind the terror attacks in Oslo and a Labor youth camp in the island of Utoeya, it seems that the gunman responsible for the latter, an ethnic Norwegian, has confessed to be related to the former and warned of two more attacks. 

A bomb exploded earlier at the center of Oslo in front of an immigration center at a Government offices complex. More or less simultaneously a gunman murdered at least seven people in the island of Utoeya where a Labor Party's youth camp took place (and seems that the Prime Minister was scheduled to attend). The Norwegian ethnicity and confessions of the attacker seem to establish by now as quite clear that the attacks are a Fascist plot against the Social-Democratic government and maybe foreign immigrants.

Another question is who is pulling the string from the shadows. I am not naive and I know that where there is an armed fascist organization there is a secret service or half a dozen. 

Washington's Blog also seems to have spotted this: why this attack? Why Norway? He suggests that Zionazi US senator Avigdor Liebermann had been recently attacking Norway and Sweden for mildly siding with the movement against the Apartheid in Palestine (see Haaretz). Another reason suggested is to have faltered in the quite stinky campaign of Libya, where Norway, a NATO member, had initially a relevant role but is now retiring

We may never know.  My best wishes in any case to the Norwegian People.

Update (Jul 23): 80 killed, Christian Fundamentalist xenophobic motivation confirmed

All the country is shocked (here the PM)
It has been confirmed that the author of at least the Utoeya shooting is Christian Fundamentalist Anders Behring Breivik, 32, with apparent links to Fascist and Islamophobic networks (some say that even in the USA but I have to clarify the link yet).

The number of victims has been raised to at least 80, most if not all the dead seem to be young people killed in Utoeya island by Breivik himself, who had automatic weapons and was dressed as policeman.

I earlier mentioned that the Oslo bomb attack had affected if not directly being directed against an immigration center. I cannot confirm this now, instead the objective seem to have been government offices with several ministries affected.

It is, in other words, a full Nazi military attack against the ruling Labor Party of Norway.

Photos from the Utoeya murderer:

No turban anywhere, right?

Some have said that the right clothing set is Mason, I cannot confirm but it is for sure Euro-redneck wannabe at its worst in any case.

Sources: Washington's Blog, Daily Mail, BBC.

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