Monday, July 25, 2011

May-15 'indignants' converge in Madrid

Many thousands demonstrators took again parts of Madrid, notably the Puerta del Sol, in a show of force against the neoliberal economics and laws promoted by the IMF, the EU and the twin-party system. Some carried banners demanding economic democracy, that is: that citizens also get to decide on all things economic and not just what brand the new cloned ruler styles.

It is like choosing between Pepsi and Coke... but being forced to drink cola no matter what. 

What the indignados are saying, I understand, is no more cola, thanks.

Of course cola brands remain indifferent to their demands and claim that they are vague in their demands, chosing always the does not know/does not answer box in their opinion polls, which always ask what brand of cola do you prefer?

Seven columns from seven peripheral territories under Spanish administration converged into Madrid this weekend. Also another march took place in the remote Canary Islands.

Sources: La Haine[es], Al Jazeera.

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