Monday, July 25, 2011

Zionist motivations behind Breivik - men in black seen in Oslo's center before bombing

Norway's terrorist Breivik was active in the online forum, which is not any fascist or far right site but specifically a Zionist site, lead by a Jewish extremist. According to Brevik the Nazis were not far right but leftists, because they were socialist and attacked the Jews (go figure, what a logic!)

Relatedly, men in black with no badges were seen in central Oslo before the bombing. This was gathered by the Chicago Tribune although I have only heard the story (does Chicago Tribune has a radio as well?) in this video.

Also it has been known that Norway's police executed a terror attack drill just the day before the attacks. What a coincidence!

The slow pace of the police rescue to Utöya youths is of course the key of all conspiracy theories (which probably have at least a seed of truth in most cases). I was confused earlier by the different claims on how much police took to reach to Utöya island and that is because they only acknowledge having received a call 36 minutes after the shooting began.

What?! This is totally unbelievable, specially with so many mobile phones.

So the shooting began at 4:50pm and police only realized at 5:26pm. Since then they needed an hour to arrive to the island because they lacked helicopters, the boat was leaky and blah blah.

Pull this police thread and you will find some accomplices of the "lone gunman".

Incidentally the AUF social-democratic youths had joined the international calls for a boycott to Israel. Could this be the reason why Breivik chose them as target?

Whatever the exact details, there is little doubt that we are before a well coordinated attack, where this Breivik guy is just a piece in a complex and hidden puzzle. 

Can this be a warning by the Zionist International to Norway and any country that may join the call for boycott, that they will be attacked Moses-style (kill the young) if they do?

As I mentioned early on after the attacks Zionazis elements like Avigdor Lieberman have been attacking Norway and Sweden for sliding to positions hostile to the Zionist Apartheid. Is this a case of Lieberman targets, Gladio shoots?

Very possibly because I do not believe for a moment that Brevik acted alone.

Source for much of this entry: La Haine[es].

Update: Norway rejects dubious offer of help by Israel in the fight against terrorism. SA[es].

Update: from Breivik's video-manifesto:

It is evident that he is the kind of fascist (or as he calls himself: "conservative") which cannot be straightforwardly identified with classical Nazism. While praise of Israel is carefully avoided in the video, there are no antisemitic rantings, which are more or less among most kinds of European fascists, even if just out of tradition. The fact that he is a Freemason also places him somewhat out of classical fascism, obsessed with the supposed Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

Of course there is no room in his discourse for the anti-Muslim hate ideology (Islamophobia), which he spouses.

Among plenty of music from Scalibur or the Lord of The Rings and cliche images of crusader knights, he lists a number historical of European monarchs as his inspiration, curiously enough Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, best known as Dracula.

Take a moment, please, to compare the most important crusader state, the Kingdom of Jerusalem (map above), defended by the real historical Knight Templars (among others), and the State of Israel.

Update: The Intel Hub reports that the former political party of Breivik, the Progress Party, has the exact same ideology as Breivik, conflating: extreme Islamophobia, ultra-conservative pan-European "nationalism", hatred of all things "Marxist" and a total compromise with Zionism, having defended Israel's murderous methods once and again.

Also interesting is that just a few months ago, all five Nordic states (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) dismantled a US spy network.

Update: it seems that Breivik has acknowledged that he did not act alone but that his terror group has two more cells. It is unclear if by cells he means individuals, full fledged commandos or something else... but it would confirm that more than one terrorist was involved in the Utöya shooting (as suggested by witnesses). It also confirms that Breivik is part of a wider conspiracy, whose exact bounds have yet to be fully clarified but that would seem on first sight to be a tool of NATO's secret stay-behind network Gladio and the Zionist International (see above).

Also it has been known that one of the victims, the island's volunteer guard, was a relative of the royal family.

Update: Public Intelligence quotes the most relevant parts of Bervik's diary, explaining how he contacted his pan-European "Templar" network via Serbian chetniks (described as cultural conservatives)  including a war criminal (treated as hero) refuged in Liberia and how he was mentored by certain Englishman nicknamed Richard, who seems pretty much the center of the organization.

If we are to believe Breivik, the organization would have at least some 30 members scattered in several isolated cells, which have forbidden direct contact with each other. The countries or regions with presence are, allegedly: Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Balticum, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Armenia, Lebanon and Russia.

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