Friday, July 29, 2011

Anarchist center in Athens evicted and reoccupied within hours

Today the occupied center Skaramaga in Athens has been evicted by means of police force only to be occupied again few hours later minutes later. The traitor government of Papandreu cannot even enforce the capitalist law anymore in the center of the Greek capital. 

According to Contra Info (see also here), c. 13:00 local time, some 250 people demonstrated near the squat against police/judicial intervention, blocking Patission street. At 14:00 police and prosecutor left the building confiscating computers and other items. At 15:00 there were skirmishes between police and demonstrators. At 15:30 the building was re-occupied and an open assembly was called for 18:00. 

One person, ordered to accompany police on the eviction, has been arrested.

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