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Quick news review (July 18)


Anniversary of the overthrowing of dictator Somoza in Nicaragua

On July 17th 1979 the much hated Anastasio Somoza, dictator and landowner, son of dictators and landowners... was deposed by the Sandinista Revolution. On that day Anastasio Somoza fled to Miami and his stupid statues were torn down by the People.

The Sandinista Front took its name from Augusto César Sandino, who stood in arms against the US invasion of 1926 with only 29 men and was killed by Anastasio Somoza Sr., the founder of the Somoza dynasty of dictators under the imperialist clout of the USA and Chiquita.

Deservedly enough his bloody dynasty was eventually defeated by the Sandinistas some 32 years ago.

Source: LINYM[es].

Honduran Indigenous and Black women's Constituent Assembly

After the Assembly of the Indigenous and Black Peoples of Honduras (Feb 2011), the women of this important sector of the Hondurean population have also felt the need to organize themselves autonomously. For that purpose they have gathered at Copán Galel, whose privatization plans by the coupist government they denounced. 

Source: LINYM[es]. See also photo gallery.

Honduran journalist who denounced human rights violations fired

Lenis Fajardo is an icon of independent compromised journalism in Honduras and the World. She has in many cases denounced the violations of human rights in the country at Radio Globo. For that reason she has been fired by the owner Alejandro Villatoro without any pretext. 
After losing her job she has denounced as well the very bad labor conditions in the radio, which ignores the rights established in the Labor Code such as paid vacations and holidays, 14th salary, social security, extra hours and weekends. 

Fajardo worked for 6000 lempiras per month (some 315 USD), of which 300 were taken from her in concept of telephone calls while working as journalist. She never got promised pay rises nor transport bonus. Since 2008 she worked with temporary contracts for 2-3 months. 

Source: LINYM[es].


Nazis take over a village in Germany

In the village of Jamel (Mecklemburg-Vorpommern, Germany), a wooden signpost marks the distance to European capitals like Paris or Vienna (described as part of Östmark, a name used by the Nazis for Austria) and then also to Braunau am Inn, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.

Several times a year the village organizes festivals where Neonazis arrived from all Germany cry Hitler is my Führer or Heil Hitler! Demolition businessman, Sven Krüger, whose company's icon is sledgehammer smashing a star of David, is terrorizing the neighbors and gradually buying the whole village.

In the nearby town of Grevesmuehlen, the office of the Neonazi NPD displays the flag of the II Reich.

All under the nose of the authorities, which are simply taking no action. 

Sources: Der Spiegel[en], La Voz[es], Sare Antifaxista[es].

Recent protest videos

Dublin demo against the EU-IMF burdening of the Irish people with private debts

London demo against Malaysian torture and arbitrary detention policies

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