Thursday, July 28, 2011

Petras: 'I accuse Norwegian Police of complicity'

Are Norwegian cops like these?
In truth they want us to believe that Norwegian police is like those clownish cops of the silent films of a century ago. But that is simply not believable.

I have already said that either Norwegian police and armed forces suffer from an extreme case of functional degradation or, most likely, the attacks were supported by someone with power inside the police department.

Speaking to Radio36[es] (transcription at La Haine[es]), US intellectual James Petras declared (my translation from Spanish):

The most coherent hypothesis is that the Police, once it understood that the massacre was going on against the leftist, labor youth, delayed their action. They consciously delayed it so the massacre could go on until its culmination. 

The problem with this thesis is that it implies a questioning of the penetration of the extreme right in Nordic institutions, in the Norwegian State. And that is something difficult to accept, even for the victims of the Labor Party.

Later he continues:

I accuse the Police Department of complicity by means of inaction against terrorism. And if we wonder why, I can say that maybe they hate the Labor Party, they hate the immigration policy. We know that in the USA there are police officers with those same phobias and hatred as the marginal gangs. We have many examples, through the years, of the Federal Police Department collaborating with the worst racists and terrorists of  the Klu Klux Klan and the armed militias of the extreme right. 

He goes on through the same details that I pondered here: second shooter never arrested, the undue insistence of the mainstream media to make this attack appear as the work of a crackpot acting alone.

It is impressive how he reaches to the very same conclusions that I do (and I doubt he reads this blog, much less my mind), not just in regard to police complicity but also on who are the true culprits behind Breivik: NATO and Israel, and the reasons are Norwegian growing disaffection towards the anti-Muslim imperial policies in Afghanistan, Libya and Palestine.

And this consensus at the left (at the left of the social-democrats mostly) about what really happened in Oslo and specially Utöya is growing spontaneously... because it is what real facts are crying out loud, conclusions that cannot be avoided easily. 

One really needs a lot of blind faith on the loyalty and on the incapacity of Norwegian police to swallow the official version.

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