Friday, July 29, 2011

Warm track to Breivik's organization or just smoke?

I am quite unsure if this track leads anywhere or is just a bunch of strange coincidences but respectable British blogger Charlie Pottins mentions what seems a warm track to someone who could fit Breivik's "Richard Lionheart" mentor's profile. He echoes materials published at British conservative newspaper The Telegraph and what seems to be a Christian Conservative blog

In any case he tracks some British fascist, a former member of the English Defense League (EDL, dangerous English fascist party) and runaway from justice who found refuge in Malta (where are the euro-orders when the accused is not Basque?) and feeds himself on unknown income sources (let me guess: the Order of Malta and the MI6), named Paul Ray. 

Ray was expelled of the EDL apparently because of calling the leaders of this fascist organization Irish. He was accused of racism and hate speech for stuff published online years ago and that is, it seems, why he run away to the small ultra-Catholic Arab country.

This last is what has me suspecting that he is not the right man because the Butcher of Utöya has all the time presented himself and his criminal sect as a post-racist fascist, concerned (at least on discourse) only with cultural and religious matters and not race.

Also I do not think that the members would be so easy to track, specially without the information-managing power of secret services. The fact that the ones spreading this information are right-wingers themselves (not Pottins but his sources), makes the whole issue even more likely to be a false track. 

But still... read the whole story here and judge yourself.

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