Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two more farmers murdered in Honduras

The violent repression at the hands of the terrorist bourgeois, like the infamous Facussé, with the protection of the illegitimate coupist government of Porfirio Lobo, sadly continues in Honduras: two more farmers were murdered on Saturday.

The victims of Capitalist terrorism are: Luis Alonso Ortiz Borjas, 52 (father of five, three of them minors) and Constantino Morales Enamorado, 32 (father of two toddlers). They were both members of the Cooperative Nueva Marañones, affiliated to the Unified Farmer Movement of Bajo Aguán (MUCA). Bullets were not saved in their murders, getting 14 and 12 shots respectively. 

The peasants of the Bajo Aguán area denounce that masked men with AK-47 and R-15 rifles patrol the region with impunity. These people are troops dressed as civilians. 

Police has made up a pretext not to investigate the murder, accusing peasants of not allowing them to access the corpses, what is totally false. 

The farmers demand the fulfilling of the covenant of April 2010 by which they were given 11,000 hectares. Landowners oppose this by criminal means but with the support of the fascist government.  

Source: LINYM[es] .

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