Friday, November 30, 2012

Boycott Zionist IKEA

IKEA the pop icon of modern Europe, the top industry of Sweden, the supermarket that everybody loves (oh-so-cheap, oh-so-cool) but their workers and all the other victims of their predatory policies (including the Spanish furniture industry, now in bankruptcy thanks to them). 

(from Desert Peace)

There are many reasons not to help IKEA by purchasing their products or tolerating their presence in your area, among them that it was founded and is still owned by  ultra-hyper-Nazi Ingvar Kamprad, that they used forced labor at least in the past, that they try to coerce workers not to join genuine, radical* unions. 

But there is yet another reason for us to hate the Swedish corporation: they collaborate with the illegal settlement of the West Bank by Zionist colonists from Russia and elsewhere. 

Time to boycott every single collaborator with Zionism, time to end Apartheid in Palestine. 


Note: Against the ill-meant "common" usage by bourgeois press, the word radical is not synonym of extremist but rather antonym of shallow. The word radical comes from Latin radix (root) at means to go to the root of the matter, instead of just remaining on the surface. Every true thinker is radical, many extremists, notably those from the far right, are very shallow instead.

Bahrain: Massive repression and looting in Mahazza

Also US citizen arrested for a month without trial nor habeas corpus in Bahrain (see below). 

Mahazza nights: undeclared state of emergency and sweeping violations

Since November 7th, 2012, an undeclared siege has been imposed around Mahazza, one of the Sitra island villages south of the Bahraini capital of Manama. Police forces and civilian militias, accompanied by National Guards in armored vehicles, have been deployed at the main entrances to the village to erect checkpoints, storm several houses without search warrants while arresting scores of citizens without arrest warrants in semi-marshal law situation. The blockade has resulted in the breaking-in of over 160 homes; during these incidents, citizens’ private property and money are confiscated without record or receipt. In addition to these violations, at least 25 people have been arrested (some of which were later released).

Members of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) paid several visits to Mhazzah area to explore the details of the siege, and conducted interviews with those whose houses were subjected to raids and abuses. Residents stated that a blockade similar to that of Aker area had been imposed on Mhazzah village since November 7th, yet the morning of Thursday, November 22, 2012 represented a shift in the nature of the occupation as the raids took place between the hours of 1:30am and 6:15am, where houses and residents were attacked and their privacy was inhumanly invaded without regard for the law.

... continue reading at Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Bharain: US citizen detained for a month without a trial

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) expresses its grave concern over the continued detention for more than a month without a trial of the US/Bahraini citizen Taqi Abdulla by Bahraini authorities. Abdulla has not yet been allowed access to legal representation is deprived from adequate medical care that he needs.


According to his family, Abdulla called the next morning asking for clothes and informing them that he is being held in the Dry Dock prison. He told his mother that he was forced into confessing that he participated in burning a police water tank vehicle, even though he was home at the time of the incident. Abdulla told his family that he was put under pressure, tortured, threatened to be raped and have his mother raped if he did not “confess”. Taqi was interrogated without the presence of a lawyer.

... read full article at Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Nuclear power plant in California was sabotaged

San Onofre nuclear power plant (California), whose structures are so damaged that can't but be shut for good, had its safety systems sabotaged. Coolant was mixed with fuel for the emergency generator, what, if needed, would have caused a major nuclear crisis almost for sure. 

Police is investigating the matter but, regardless, it is clear that the sabotage was almost certainly revenge by laid off workers.

This is not the first nor will be the last case, with disgruntled workers in other nuclear facilities sabotaging all kind of devices as angry farewell, such gluing doors locked, introducing coins in the lubricant of emergency generators or cutting power wires. The power plants of Browns Ferry (Alabama) and North Anna (Virginia) are mentioned as some of such examples.

(Source: EneNews).

This highlights two issues:

One is that nuclear energy is extremely unsafe because things never go as planned (or in Murphy's words: if something can go wrong, it will... eventually). So even when the highest standards have been upheld in planning, design and management, there are still way too many unpredictable risks, including sabotage by workers. 

Workers have great power. If an individual worker can cause such a risk, what implies huge power (even if for bad), what cannot do organized workers?! In the words of Buenaventura Durruti:

It is we who built these palaces and cities, here in Spain and America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. And better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing in this minute.

That is our great power. Remember always that: we workers, and not bankers nor police, are the pillars of the economy and society. It all depends on us.

Update: Simply Info has quite a bit more information on the San Onofre case. Apparently the laying out of key workers was already denounced by unions as a threat to security in itself, because you need a well trained and readily available staff to manage a nuclear facility within the standards of the industry.

USA: psychopath massacres dolphins

Someone in the US Gulf Coast has been shooting and mutilating bottlenose dolphins and even stabbing them with screwdrivers... 

The body parts of the intelligent and sensible animals are found scattered in a wide area. Investigators have no idea (yet) of who might be the culprit. 

Although there has been rare cases of captains shooting at dolphins in disputes over fish, this is probably the first case of a psychopath who takes against dolphins ever. 

Hope he's soon found and put to death  - nope he'll be interned into a madhouse probably, otherwise the penalty for murdering a dolphin in the USA is of a mere one year of prison and a fine.

Source: CNN (via EneNews).

Ice and "complex organic materials" on Mercury's poles

This is one of those perplexing astronomical news that make history and I can't but mention. US scientists have found, with the help of scout satellite MESSENGER,  that not just suspected Mercury's polar water ice (in shadowed craters) is indeed that but also that confusing dark regions around it are complex organic materials, possibly darkened by the intense solar radiation that bathes the small inner planet. 

The team found that the probe's reflectance measurements, taken via laser altimetry, matched up well with previously mapped radar-bright regions in Mercury's high northern latitudes. Two craters in particular were bright, both in radar and at laser wavelengths, indicating the possible presence of reflective ice. However, just south of these craters, others appeared dark with laser altimetry, but bright in radar.

This confused scientists for a while but eventually they realized that the puzzling regions actually hold water ice at a meter's depth into the soil, where the heat of the sun can't reach so easily. 

Radar-reflectant regions (ice) show in yellow

The most interesting part however is that the astronomers are almost certain now that the dark material must be complex organic matter, darkened by the extreme solar radiation.

Is there life in Mercury? 

Source: Science Daily.

Ref studies: 
  1. David A. Paige, Matthew A. Siegler, John K. Harmon, Gregory A. Neumann, Erwan M. Mazarico, David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber, Ellen Harju, Mona L. Delitsky, and Sean C. Solomon. Thermal Stability of Volatiles in the North Polar Region of Mercury. Science, 29 November 2012 DOI: 10.1126/science.1231106
  2. Gregory A. Neumann, John F. Cavanaugh, Xiaoli Sun, Erwan M. Mazarico, David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber, Dandan Mao, David A. Paige, Sean C. Solomon, Carolyn M. Ernst, and Olivier S. Barnouin. Bright and Dark Polar Deposits on Mercury: Evidence for Surface Volatiles. Science, 29 November 2012 DOI: 10.1126/science.1229764

Stevie Wonder renounces to sing for the Zionist terrorist forces

As I mentioned earlier it was most perplexing why would Wonder support Apartheid in Palestine when he had been such a strong activist against Apartheid in South Africa. But it seems that public pressure has opened his eyes (metaphorically speaking) an he won't be performing in a fund-raising show for the IDF terrorist organization in Los Angeles this week. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Basque Country: another poverty-triggered suicide

Manuel Reguera, 59, killed himself when he was to be evicted from his rented home for nonpayment (he owed €4200). He had lost all economic resources previously and the last thing he had was that home. 

It happened today at Doneztebe, Navarre. 

Every day two people are evicted in Navarre while 50,000 homes remain empty

Capitalism kills!, decent homes and jobs for all!

Stevie Wonder Disgraces Himself with Concert for Israeli Military

From Black Agenda Report:

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Stevie Wonder, who once penned a song against apartheid in South Africa, will star at a fundraiser for the Israeli military, early next month. How shocking that a Black cultural icon would help throw a party for the soldiers of “a system that some describe as even worse than that practiced by the white South African regime.”
Stevie Wonder Disgraces Himself with Concert for Israeli Military
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
One of Black America’s most beloved artists has signed, sealed and delivered his vast talents in service to the murderous military of a racist, criminal regime.”
Say it ain’t so, Stevie Wonder. The music superstar is lending his name and talents to one of the most unworthy causes in the world: a salute to the Israeli Defense Forces, in Los Angeles, on December 6. Stevie Wonder will help raise millions for an Israeli war machine that is already funded by U.S. taxpayers to the tune of billions of dollars a year. It is a shame and a disgrace that one of Black America’s most beloved artists has signed, sealed and delivered his vast talents in service to the murderous military of a racist, criminal regime. It’s an even bigger shame that there will likely be no punishment for Stevie Wonder from his many fans, in this, the Age of Obama.
Even a generation ago, in the 1980s, Stevie Wonder could not have expected immunity from mass condemnation for helping throw a party for a racist government – for any amount of money. Back in 1985, the South African regime tried to blunt the global anti-apartheid movement by inviting American entertainers of all races to perform at Sun City, the white regime’s version of Las Vegas. Sun City was built in Bophuthatswana, a poverty-stricken black bantustan. Lots of U.S. entertainers, including some Black ones, allowed themselves to be bought off by the white regime’s deep pockets. These included Tina Turner, The O’Jays, Dionne Warwick and Ray Charles. Famously, while Blacks outside the Sun City venue loudly protested his appearance, Ray Charles ostentatiously patted his back pocket, signaling that he was all about the money.

... continue reading at BAR.

Of course: it's all about the money. Boycott Stevie, boycott Madonna, boycott Israel!

The single bourgeois party speaks out

They say that Capitalism equals Democracy but anyone who looks beyond the shallowness of the appearances realizes that the formal democratic concessions are nothing but a propaganda circus and that when it comes to real rights and real decision making power: the bourgeois oligarchs have it all and working class commoners like you and me have nearly nothing... or just nothing at all.

Behind the media show of the siamese parties' circus, after the pointless exercise of choosing between Obamney and Roma, the real Single Bourgeois Party: the more or less well organized, almost always secret or at least very discreet, circles of power of the upper bourgeoisie take the real decisions and set the rhythm of the actual political process. 

In this sense, Naked Capitalism today cites a number of world-level powerful CEOs who are directing the policies of the Washington regime with their "opinions", which are in the end a bit much more forceful than just that.

Lloyd Blankfein, top boss of the infamous bankster megacorporation Goldman Sachs and self-proclaimed messiah who makes God's Work on Earth, has declared that in a bout of political honesty that: 

You’re going to have to do something, undoubtedly, to lower people’s expectations of what they’re going to get, the entitlements, and what people think they’re going to get, because you’re not going to get it.

The whole interview can be watched at CBS (not longer than the adverts around it anyhow). Take due not because an evil God speaks by the mouth of this mafioso: you have no rights, only he and his associates do. 

While he rejects pre-paid public services like healthcare or pensions for the people, he has no problem accepting the money people put in their collective social security piggy bank for himself in form of state subsidies for the banks. 

But he has all the chutzpah of Hell itself and calls all that managing expectations. In other words: slaves should learn to manage their expectations because, if Master Blankfein is pleased, all they'll get is a dirty hole to sleep a few hours, some crappy rations and top quality sturdy chains. 

If he's not pleased... then beatings, gassing, no dirty hole, no rations and a slow death under a bridge in winter. 

He's followed like the Fourth Rider of Apocalypse by a host of hellish "leaders" of greed who get your money via the state and moan and moan about not being paid enough by the state for just being too-powerful-to-anger.

But don't worry. When the state collapses for lack of funds, they will get your life as compensation and call it "freedom". Then you will get sturdy chains and and will be forcibly retired at 35 in an ad hoc gas chamber.

Bilbao: prisoner in thirst strike

I have just known with great concern that a neighbor from my hometown (Bilbao), just a year or two older than me, has declared himself in hunger and thirst strike. While you can last for weeks in hunger strike, you die fast in thirst strike (and that's why almost never is used in protests).

Apparently I.B.G., 48, neighbor of Errekalde (Bilbao), set himself in hunger and thirst strike on November 23rd, what, if they are not force-feeding him liquids, means that he is about to die or has already died. 

Another prisoner J.M.N.C., 46, neighbor of Sestao (a suburb of Bilbao) has declared himself on hunger strike for the same reasons.

Both consider that their preventive prison and the judge's treatment denies their presumption of innocence nor respected their procedural rights and want this way to demand a fair treatment by the judiciary system.

The reason why they have been jailed is the existence of penal antecedents from more than 20 years ago (1990), totally unrelated to the matter at hand (very possibly disobedience against conscription, considering their age and the date and their choice of very radical nonviolent methods - however I am just speculating here because no details are provided). 

Prisons for the rich and their mercenaries! Else... guillotine!

Source[es]: Salhaketa (association of solidarity with prisoners), found via Herri Kolore.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ashton please resing already!

Do you think this woman represents EU citizens who are overwhelmingly anti-Zionist?

Even Hilary Clinton (well known for her Christian-Zionist background) is less shamefully bootlicking of the Zionists. You just cannot pretend to represent Europeans and be that friendly (look at that old-friends' smile, nothing diplomatic in it: she is sincere in her love for the Zionist terrorists). 

Of course is not just Ms. Ashton but the whole European Commission which is involved in Zionist boot-licking and shameless pro-terrorist support. 

While the Zionist entity threatens the safety of not just the so-called Middle East but also Europe itself with its nuclear weapons, the EC, our joint government, supports the terrorist genocidal colony allowing them into our cultural and sport rings (in spite of being an apartheid state) and even worse: sponsoring activities like the arms fair of Tel Aviv or allowing Zionist arms industries like Rafael into European exhibitions. 

They all should resign... but then we are getting to matters much closer home like the infamous austerity for the poor, fiesta for the rich policy of the EU these days.

Source: EI

Gaza Paralympic stadium destroyed by Zionist attacks

The widespread carnage imposed by the Zionazis onto the Gaza Ghetto has not only killed almost 200 people (civilians mostly) and destroyed homes but, among other stuff, it has also demolished the Paralympic stadium. 

Meanwhile EU and the Olympic mafia keep allowing the Regime of Apartheid in Palestine to take part in international sporting activities, when it should be boycotted. 

Source: EI.

Catalan elections: independentists look to the left, unionists to the far right

Catalan elections for the autonomous parliament and government took place this Sunday. 

The results can be synthesized as follows (out of 135 deputies):
  • Convergence and Union (CiU, right-wing Catalan nationalist): 50 seats (-12)
  • Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC, center-left Catalan nationalist): 21 seats (+10)
  • Catalan Socialist Party (PSC-PSOE, center-left Spanish nationalist, vaguely "federalist"): 20 seats (-8)
  • People's Party (PP, right wing Spanish ultra-nationalist party): 19 seats (+1)
  • Initiative for Catalonia - Greens (ICV, left-wing federalist, affiliated to United Left): 13 (+3)
  • Citizens (Ciutadans, neofascist-populist Spanish ultra-nationalist, similar to UPyD elsewhere in Spain): 9 (+6)
  • People's Unity List (CUP, left-wing Catalan nationalist): 3(+3)
  • Catalan Solidarity for Independence (center-right, Catalan nationalist): 0 (-4)

So we see a flow to the left inside Catalan nationalism and rather to the right in Spanish nationalism. 

Overall the parties with a favorable attitude towards self-determination (including ICV) gain slightly (+1), while those stuck in the Spanish imperialist model lose slightly (-1). Notice however that there is and used to be a very strong Catalan nationalist majority (74 vs 48, plus 13 federalists for self-determination), also expressed in massive (1.5 million people) demonstrations in the streets repeatedly. However the independentist roll-over forecast by some did not materialize, showing that there is a stubborn colony of Spanish nationalist people living in Catalonia.

More important maybe is the overall slide towards the left  (+8 overall, +6 of them in the anticapitalist Left), specially marked in the Catalanist camp. The Spanish unionist camp clearly slides towards fascism, with the parties representing it in various forms (PP, Ciutadans) getting most of the voters' share: 28 seats (+7). 

The actual apportion of votes may be slightly different because of the electoral system, with four districts and modified apportion (D'Hont system).

Sources: EiTB[es], Catalan Wikipedia[cat].

Update: electoral maps per comarques (counties):

Most voted list:

Relative strength of independentism:

Based on vote to parties advocating independence (CiU, ERC, CUP, SC) or defending that Catalans cannot decide in their own country (sovereignty resides in Spain only: PSC, PP, Ciutadans, etc.). Lists like ICV, who accept self-determination but advocate federalism are considered neutral.

Large towns are indicated because there is an obvious correlation of industrialization, immigration and Spanish unionism.

It is probable that a more reflective map could be done defining the lower boundary of the high independentist sector at 75% instead of 80%. Almost half or the light orange comarques would be dark orange in that case. 

Unionism does not clearly dominate (i.e. above 60%) in any single district. The Aran Valley (NW corner) is not a true Catalan district but a Gascon one, what may explain their relatively low support for the Catalan nationalist project in spite of being a remote rural area.

The comarques are not electoral districts but do have an administrative, historical and  identity value for Catalans.

Based mostly on electoral data from La Vanguardia.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New ETA communication demands Spain and France to do their part for peace

Basque independentist armed organization ETA has issued a new communication after a year of their unilateral definitive end to armed struggle

First of all, the guerrilla complains that, instead of what was promised in the Aiete Conference, the situation is degenerating because of the stubbornness of the Spanish and French governments. 

It must be noted here that, among other actors, all three major French political parties (PS, UMP, MoDem) signed the Aiete Declaration, what should be as good as the French Republic itself. However their members with actual political power, such as Hollande or Sarkozy before him or the infamous interior Minister Valls, have been actually sabotaging the process, showing no word nor political honesty. 

The Aiete Declaration was signed by most Basque and French political parties, most Basque and Spanish labor unions, as well as some other actors (notably the Basque Capitalist Syndicate Confebask and a number of international personalities who would act as facilitators) and reads as follows:

  1. We call upon ETA to make a public declaration of the definitive cessation of all armed action and to request talks with the governments of Spain and France to address exclusively the consequences of the conflict.
  2. If such a declaration is made we urge the governments of Spain and France to welcome it and agree to talks exclusively to deal with the consequences of the conflict.
  3. We urge that major steps be taken to promote reconciliation, recognize, compensate and assist all victims, recognize the harm that has been done and seek to heal personal and social wounds.
  4. In our experience of resolving conflicts there are often other issues that, if addressed, can assist in the attainment of lasting peace. We suggest that non violent actors and political representatives meet and discuss political and other related issues, in consultation with the citizenry, that could contribute to a new era without conflict. In our experience third party observers or facilitators help such dialogue. Here, such dialogue could also be assisted by international facilitators, if that were desired by those involved.
  5. We are willing to form a committee to follow up these recommendations

ETA fulfilled point #1 exactly three days after this declaration was signed on October 17th 2011. We are still waiting for Madrid and Paris to do anything at all other than jailing people and rejecting the process upfront. 

In this sense ETA says:

ETA wants to warn that in the future such attitudes can't but move us far from the solution and bring nothing but an extension of strife and suffering. And today as well they are risking to leave the process without exit.

ETA wants to underline the sterility of the repressive path. The states can destroy the chance of peace but that way they will not be able in any way to overcome the conflict. When their only offer is stubbornness and crude repression, when they do not offer democratic ways to overcome the political conflict, confrontation is being fed.

Pretty strong wording considering everything, even if quite obvious, because as everybody with any real interest on the matter knows ETA is not the conflict but a manifestation of it. Regardless of whatever ETA does or does not, the reality may well overwhelm them if the fundamentals of the conflict, or even the peace process itself, are not addressed, as is happening now. 

Nevertheless, ETA continues the address asking the Basque People and the international community to increase all efforts to break the blockade against peace. In this sense they demand an specific agenda for peace, which should include:
  • Response to the state of exception imposed to the Basque Nation: to repression, to withdrawal of rights and, very specially, to the situation of Basque prisoners.
  • To make the clamor for peace heard until Madrid and Paris accept the will of this People.
  • To create spaces of agreement and expand paths of dialogue.

All very abstract and generic if you ask me.

However the make three warnings on top of this agenda:
  • Nobody is in prison (anymore) for the terrorist crimes of the State (torture, dirty war, killings of ETA members). However ETA does not demand the State to ask for forgiveness in order to move forward (some Spanish nationalist actors wield this "ask for forgiveness" rhetoric towards ETA, as pretext for their stagnation).
  • Because of ETA's struggle some people felt the need to abandon the Basque Country. ETA feels that, since their end-to-war decision, that issue is already in the way of solution (another pretext that is unreal).
  • ETA is ready to introduce the issue of victim-culprit conciliation processes in the agenda of the peace process (i.e. ETA is willing to work the part of truth behind those pretexts).

Said all that, ETA remains waiting for the Spanish and French states to take steps for advancement in the peace process outlined in Aiete, being in their opinion the only real way to advance towards peace.

Source: original communication in Basque language at Gara. Those fluent in Spanish may want to read this synthesis in the same newspaper.


Note: besides the Basque, French and Spanish actors mentioned above, a number of international political personalities also promoted and signed the Aiete Conference and Declaration they are:
  • Kofi Anan (former UN Secretary General)
  • Jonathan Powell (former Chief of Staff under Tony Blair, Great Britain)
  • Pierre Joxe (former defense and interior minister of France, also former member of the State Council of this republic)
  • Bertie Ahern (former Taoiseach of the Irish Republic)
  • Gro-Harlem Brundlant (former Prime Minister of Norway)
  • Gerry Adams (President of the Sinn Féin, all-Ireland nationalist party)

'The Zionist Story' (documentary repost)

I already mentioned this in March 2009. I feel it necessary to repost after all these years, because nothing, almost nothing, has yet changed.

The origins of Israel in high quality uncensored documentary form: The Zionist Story (eight videos, mini-chapters, of c. 10 mins each):

Originally found at Pulse.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How Israeli education creates murderous racist monsters

A must-watch (or at least must-listen as the format is mostly oral) interview with Nurit Peled-Elhanan, daughter of Zionist General Matti Peled and sister of Anti-Zionist activist Miko Peled (video in English with Spanish subtitles):

She explains how the Zionist education system forges racism, specially against Arabs (and also the Mediterranean landscape, contrasted by the Ashkenazi imaginary of lust green European gardens everywhere), how Palestinians are dehumanized and redefined in terms of generic Arabs, how students are brainwashed with a notion of "the Land of Israel" without clear borders, how genocide is hidden or justified, how even classrooms are militarized...

Found at Atilio Boron blog (originally from María en Palestina blog), both in Spanish language.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Britain: major anti-Zionist demo called for tomorrow in London

From Stop the War Coalition:

National Demonstration
Solidarity with Gaza
End the Siege Now
Saturday 24 November
Assemble Downing Street 12 Noon
March to the Israeli Embassy

Speakers include: Bianca Jagger, Ahdaf Soueif, Andy Slaughter MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Jean Lambert MEP, Manuel Hassassian Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Seumas Milne journalist, Victoria Brittain journalist, Bruce Kent CND, Andrew Murray UNITE, Steve Bell CWU, Lindsey German Stop the War, Kamel Hawwash Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Glyn Secker Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Daud Abdullah Middle East Monitor, Ismail Patel Friends of Al-Aqsa, Tariq Tahboub PFIB

Why we are demonstrating  

Please publicise the demonstration as widely as you can and urge everyone you know to be there.
Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world, with 1.7 million people packed into a strip of land at its narrowest barely six miles wide.
It has suffered a barbaric onslaught by the world's fourth most powerful military, killing over 150 Palestinians, injuring over 1000 and devastating many areas.

Our demonstration for Gaza starts at Downing Street to tell David Cameron and the British government that the green light they give to Israel's crimes is not in our name.

Updates for transport from outside London...

Related: Scottish Parliament's ceiling taken by protesters to condemn weak stand on Zionist genocide

Activists from the We Are All Hana Shalabi network today scaled and occupied the roof of the Scottish Parliament to protest the Scottish government’s failure to condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza and to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel. 

... continues at the Electronic Intifada.

Zionists kill another Palestinian after "ceasefire"

"Ceasefire" for the Zionists seems to mean that they can keep murdering all around but that the Native Palestinian society cannot retaliate in any way.

The terrorist organization IDF opened fire against a group of Palestinians within the Gaza territory near the Apartheid Wall, killing one.

Egypt's pathetic role explained by IMF blackmail

I never had much faith in the Islamist government now in power in Egypt (still the choice of a cult-brainwashed people whose class conscience is still in development) but the role played so far in relation with Gaza and Palestine has been almost identical to what Mubarak used to do.

So far Egypt keeps blockading Gaza, even if not as strictly as before. So far Egypt has not quit recognizing the Zionist racist colony (being the only Arab state, along with Morocco and Jordan who does that). And Egypt did not move its army even to put any pressure on the Zionist terror regime when they were bombing Gaza almost unilaterally but instead only performed, along with another Islamist-ruled state, Turkey, diplomatic maneuvering to calm the genocidal monster.

I must remind here that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are by origin the same party.

The Real News (h/t Naked Capitalism) reports today that Egypt was seeking desperately an IMF loan for months and that it has only been conceded on the 21st, exactly the same day in which the "ceasefire" was approved.

What did Israel get? More US-made weapons for future massacres.

Here there is a saying: Raise ravens and they will take out your eyes. And that applies fully to the vicious US-Israel relationship - and even more to the EU-Israel one because I'm persuaded that the nuclear weapons of Israel will in the end be thrown over Europe.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vast majority of victims of Zionist genocidal attack are civilians, one third children

Up to 20 November, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 91 of the 136 Palestinians killed were civilians, including 28 children and 13 women, and 922 of the 941 wounded were civilians, including 258 children.

So 66 percent of those killed, and 97 percent of those injured were civilians. Almost one third of the dead are children.

Source: EI.  

On Nov 21, before the Nazi-Zionists decided that it was about time to stop the massacre for now ("truce"), the death toll added up to at least 160 people. More bodies were found in the rubble today, so it can still be much larger. 

Source: IMEMC.

Cold-blood Zionist murder campaign reaches the West Bank

Zionist Nazi terrorists (IDF soldiers) murdered in cold blood, Palestinian native Rushdi Tamimi, 31, in the town of Nabih Saleh, well known for its continuous resistance against the Apartheid Wall.

Mr. Tamimi was taking part in a nonviolent resistance protest against the Gaza massacre. He was shot in cold blood. 

Funeral of Tamimi (from Palestine Solidarity)

Another Palestinian citizen, Hamdi Al-Falah, 22, was killed in the context of clashes. 

The anger can now cause an intifada in the West Bank, if not against the Zionists, who are well protected in their cowardly bunkers, against illegitimate puppet President Abbas, who has been extending his own mandate unilaterally without elections and seems weaker and weaker (while the popularity of Hamas, who already won the latest elections, grows).

Also it was reported that armed masked militants (of unknown affiliation) opened fire against a colonial checkpoint near Jenin.

Source: EI.

Hostage taking angry Japanese demands government resignation

A man (est. age 30s or 40s) has taken five hostages at gunpoint at a banking office in Toyokawa (Aichi, Japan). He demands a loudspeaker, media attention and the resignation of the Noda cabinet. 

The exact motivations behind this rather desperate action are not clear but it seems obvious that more and more Japanese People are very angry at the general mismanagement of a government that just clings to power, kicks the can (notably with nuclear energy, risking the lives of most in Japan - and also outside) and does not even dare to call elections.

Source: Ex-SKF, citing Japanese language mainstream media.

Update: the man was arrested. Noda's regime of radioactive terror and corporate lies continues. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'France is not Spain' - symptomatic

Portugal is not Greece, Spain is not Greece nor Portugal... and now France is not Spain (ref. FT(registration needed)). It may sound obvious but these sentences should be preserved in the history books of the near future as some of the greatest idiocies repeated through Europe in the eve of the extreme disasters and radical changes to come.

A. Montero dedicates some musings in Spanish today to this false obviousness. I'm almost glad that the syndrome European Capitalist collapse has begun knocking at the French door (and not just them: nearly all Western Europe, including Britain and the Netherlands are in dire straits, as mentioned already in May) because only if more Europeans are involved the much needed revolution can go ahead at the necessary pan-European scale.

The French state is the fifth largest economy on Earth (right after Germany). 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Otxarkoaga, Bilbao: Lenin Day 2012

The working class neighborhood of Otxarkoaga (Bilbao, Basque Country) got back in the day a double bust of Lenin and Marx from some Eastern European embassy. The activists actually aimed to bring the large statue of Lenin removed from Bucharest but it was too much of a logistical and bureaucratic problem, so the embassy busts were accepted. 

Of course all this monument erection was done with not a single seal of approval from the local authorities. But it was done anyhow and the monument is still there at the central plaza of the popular district. 

In relation with this little popular epic, every year the Lenin Eguna (Lenin Day) is celebrated as a little homage to all revolutionaries past and present.

Source and photos: Bilboko Branka[eu].

43% of Fukushima children have thyroid nodules

The normal figure is less than 1%. 

This figure alone should open our eyes to the extreme reality of Fukushima and other parts of Japan, poisoned by radiation but whose troubles, instead of being faced for what they are, are hidden under the rug of the Japanese corporate regime, which just wants to kick the can for as long as possible. 

Sources: Simply Info, EneNews

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Greece: antifascists uprise in Agrinio against Golden Dawn and their massive police escort

Hundreds of anti-fascists riot in the city of Agrinio as police from across Greece protect the newly-opened office of Golden Dawn Nazis

Agrinio, a medium-sized city of just over 100,000 saw some of the most severe rioting in its history on the evening of November 18th. As the Nazi party Golden Dawn formally opened an office in the city, just opposite the local police station, hundreds of police and Golden Dawn members arrived from nearby cities (but also from Athens, approx 280km away). At the same time, local anti-fascists took to the streets of the city, demonstrating and rioting against the Nazi presence. At least 20 anti-fascists have been detained by the police (at least two of them arrested/charged), while at the time of writing (22:00 GMT+2) the rioting continues.

Update (Nov 19): a Nazi office in Xanthi was also trashed by an antifascist squad of several dozen people ··> LINK (video).

Zionist terrorism against the Gaza Ghetto continues

The Zionist terrorist organization known as Israel keeps murdering civilians in the ghetto of Gaza, where the natives of the country have been dumped and barely survive... sometimes. 

Among the dozens of deadly victims (nobody seems to even count the injured anymore, never mind the demolished homes and facilities that the Zionist tyrant won't allow to be rebuilt) there are many children. I mentioned some yesterday but everyday the body count grows.

Hanen Tafesh, 10 months old, victim of Zionist terrorism

The whole Dalouh family was murdered

Even the already dead are victimized by the Zionazis:

Gaza cemetery was bombed too

And of course, just like their Hellfather Hitler, the criminals want no witnesses:

Terrorists from the IDF demand journalists to leave the area

... they don't want us to watch their terrorism

(Photos from the Electronic Intifada and Jews sans frontieres).

Notice please that once again the Zionist terrorist colonial and genocidal entity is using banned weapons in a macabre Mengele-style experiment in which Palestinians are guinea pigs. 

This kind of injuries are typically caused by illegal DIME bombs

It is not at all the first time that the Zioterrorist apartheid state uses banned weapons like white phosphorus and DIME bombs. It did in 2009 in Gaza also and it did in 2006 in Lebanon. It is also the only state in the region to have nuclear weapons, weapons that can be directed not just against Arabs and Iranians but also against Europeans.

Gazans plead to the World to do something:

Call from Gaza to the citizens of the world: STOP THE ONGOING MASSACRE

18.11.2012 – Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine
Four years after the Israeli Occupation Forces perpetrated a massacre upon the population of Gaza, Apartheid Israel commits another crime. The latest round of Israeli war crimes has resulted in a new massacre ; at the time of writing more than 40 innocent civilians, including 15 children, have been murdered brutally as they slept in their own houses. More than 400 have been critically injured.
We request that the citizens of the world oppose this deadly crime. We no longer rely on governments. The failure of the United Nations and its numerous organizations to condemn such crimes proves their complicity. Only civil society is able to mobilize to demand the application of international law and put an end to Israel’s impunity. The intervention of civil society was effective in the late 1980s against the apartheid regime of South Africa. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have not only described Israel’s oppressive and violent control of Palestinians as Apartheid, they have also joined this call for the world’s civil society to intervene again.
We, therefore, ask people of conscience and civil society organizations to put pressure on their governments until Israel is forced to abide by international law and international humanitarian law. Without the intervention of the international community which was effective against apartheid in South Africa, Israel will continue its war crimes and crimes against humanity, as articulated by the Goldstone report.
We call on civil society organizations worldwide to intensify the anti-Israel sanctions campaign to compel Israel to end to its aggression.
The international conspiracy of silence towards the genocidal war taking place against the 1.5 million civilians in Gaza indicates complicity in these  war crimes.
We call upon the international community to demand that the rouge State of  Israel end its siege and compensate for the destruction of life and infrastructure that it has visited upon the Palestinian people. We alse call upon all Palestine solidarity groups and all international civil society organisations to demand:
- An end to occupation, Apartheid and other war crimes committed by Israel
- An end to the siege that has been imposed on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip since 2006.
- The protection of civilian lives and property, as stipulated in International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law such as The Fourth Geneva Convention.
- That Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip  be provided with material support to cope with the immense hardship that they are experiencing..
- Immediate reparations and compensation for all destruction carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip.
- Holding  Israeli  generals  and leaders accountable for  war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the civilians of Gaza.
Signatory Organizations:
Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions
The One Democratic State Group
University Teachers’ Association
Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

But will the World listen? And, even if we listen (as more and more do, no doubt), will our rulers do anything about it? Where's the democracy in all this?

Basque Country: massive demo for the right to a home

Tens of thousands demonstrated in Bilbao yesterday after the slogan: Neither evictions, nor social cuts! A home is our right!

And indeed the constitution of the Kingdom of Spain formally guarantees a home and a dignified job as fundamental rights. As you can appreciate, in practical terms Spain's "fundamental rights" are considered a mere good will list of intentions, turning the fundamental law into nothing. 

Faced with growing anger the reactionary government of Spain recently decreed a forceful extension of two years in foreclosures but the conditions are so stringent that almost nobody fits in them. While the income requirement (three times the minimal salary) seems reasonable, the other conditions (large family, i.e. four or more underage children, or single parent with two underage children) seem designed so only some groups can benefit, notably Christian and Muslim fanatics who give birth like vermin and still have to learn how a condom is used. 

None of the recent suicides (mostly people in their 50s with already grown up children) would have been averted with this hypocritical decree.

The decree does not even address one of the most unfair aspects of the Spanish mortgage law: that returning the home does not cancel the debt, establishing in fact debt slavery and debt outcasts.

In opposition to the fundamentalist actions of the Spanish neofascist government, the organizers demanded that the state takes care of basic housing as is the case in Germany and other advanced European states.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The dead pile up for the electoral genocide of Netanyahu

The bastard children of Hitler
It seems that what matters in the elections of the Zionist abhorrence is who murders more of those undesirable Palestinians who had the bad luck of being born and living where the Zionist International, with full support of the great powers, had decided to install their brutal colonization project: Eretz Israel. 

So Bibi, as the new Hitler is known in Tel Aviv, has decided to massacre as many Palestinians as possible so he can muster as many votes from those psyhcotic criminal settlers who support him and the racist state he governs, who lack any empathy for other human beings... who happen to be "Goyim" (i.e. not belonging to the self-proclaimed superior race, with the self-proclaimed "right" to murder, torture and exploit everyone else at whim). 

The mountain of corpses piles up: this morning it was 39, this evening at least 58... all so Netanyahu can show to his scum of colonist followers that he's the alpha male in the region because he has US and European weapons and a blank check to do almost everything he wants short of blowing the planet up. 

Some are members of Hamas, the party democratically elected by Palestinians to rule them, the legitimate government in all that country, if any. Just that because they do not surrender without conditions to the Zionist colonial regime of apartheid, they are labeled as "terrorists". 

The only terrorist here, let's face it, is Netanyahu and he should be brought to La Hague in chains. 

But most of the victims are civilians. Civilians from the territory annexed by Israel mostly. Let's not forget that 85% of the population of Gaza are refugees, mostly from the coastal strip of Palestine which is now the center of "Israel". 

Those people who are being murdered by the bombs should be the ones with the right to vote in their own country and not a bunch of recently arrived Russian and Gringos. 

And then they say "Israel is the only democracy in the region". Ha! Democracy where the natives have no rights, not even to vote but to live?! Democracy my ass! Democracy for the colonists arrived from overseas, Hell for the natives of the country once known as Palestine and now usurped by the genocidal apartheid regime that calls itself Israel. 

Let's put some names to those 58 or more murdered by the Zionist terrorists:

Omar Mashrawi, 11 months old son of a local BBC employee. Yet the BBC is again whitewashing Zionist terrorism shamelessly, murdering the truth

Omar Mashrawi's father with the little corpse

Tahrir Suleiman, 22 years old, all her life prisoner in Gaza, the largest open air prison of Earth.

Others don't have names that we know yet. But have left photos that illustrate too well the magnitude of the crimes of the Zionazis:

An unnamed victim of Bibi's electoral campaign

That we should not be doing ourselves here. The mainstream media, who fill their headlines with appeals to democracy, human rights, freedom and what not, who claim to heaven each time a proletarian throws a rock in justified anger, those should be informing us with extensive reports of the crimes of Israel.

And it should come as a matter of fact that the Zionist regime should be ostracized from all international organizations, political, cultural, etc. and that a tight economic boycott should be established around this terrorist racist abhorrent regime until democracy is restored to Palestine. 

But nothing of this is happening at all. The bastard children of Hitler are allowed to do as they please, to replicate the crimes of their Austrian teacher once and again without any punishment nor denounce. 


Explosion at Louisiana oil rig could be new Deepwater Horizon

An oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana (USA) yesterday killing maybe 17 workers (2 already acknowledged as dead, 15 others missing, at least three others at hospital).

The incident is way too similar to what happened to the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) platform in 2010 and the consequences shall be also similar... but raining over wet ground, with the US Gulf Coast still not recovered from the DWH disaster, which destroyed fisheries, tourism and hope, the results can be terrible. 

The causes of the incident are unclear but the owner company, Black Elk Energy Co., claims it may have been caused by the improper use of a wielding torch by workers not following the procedure (meaning that the company did not train/select them properly - no excuses when you play with fire and the ecology of a whole sea, Capitalist pig!) Witnesses have reported two successive explosions.

Sources: Energt News (links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) - other original sources via these links.

Update (Nov 18): Several media now say that initial claims of using a wielding torch are totally inaccurate (i.e. the company lied to shrug off responsibility) and that the cause of the explosion is not yet known. Source: EneNews.

_______________________________ .  _______________________________

A humble speculation: 

I am beginning to think that all these deep drilling accidents, as well as the mysterious oil-leaking Louisiana sinkhole are related to the anomalous geology of the lower Mississippi basin (the Mississippi Embayment), which seems to be an incomplete rift caused in the "recent" geological past by the now "cold" Bermuda hotspot.

The peculiarities of the geological province, dramatically demonstrated by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12, are not fully well understood and still debated but what is clear is that the Lower Mississippi, including the underwater extension of the continental platform, is very peculiar and this may be a cause behind all these incidents with marked geological connections.