Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review of Japan's radioactive situation (video featuring A. Gundersen)

As always the video-updates on the catastrophic situation of Japan by retired nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen are the most informative:

Fukushima Dai Ichi continues to release radiation (steam visible by night) while this is less than on the first weeks, it is likely that will continue emitting "for a long time".

Gundersen also discusses the plans for a sarcophagus for at least reactor 1, to be implemente in September. However the melted cores in China syndrome situation are not going to be directly dealt with (at least in 10 years). 

Chernobyl experts visiting say things are really really bad.

Indoor-grown mushrooms 35 miles from the accident are highly radioactive. Then there is the growing number of radioactive cows and how the authorities did not properly tested the meat for radiation, with the derivate danger (and food scare) for the public.

The recommendation of 50 miles (80 km) evacuation zone made by the USA seems to have been a correct assessment. Instead Japan only implemented 20 km and then 30 km, a small fraction of what was needed. 

But radiation is reaching far beyond the 80 km area, as we have discussed here on occasion: it is clearly important in Tokyo metropolitan area, where the soil has been polluted by the so-called black rain.

Gundersen finishes with this appeal to the Japanes authorities: rather than limiting the information, it is important that they limit the radiation.

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