Monday, July 4, 2011

Greek coastguards stop Canadian Gaza flotilla ship

One wonders what has Israel or some Zionist dark power promised the discredited Papandreu government for their help but the case is that somehow the Zionists appear to have bought the government of Greece. 

The Canadian ship Tahrir (Freedom) managed to sail for some 15 minutes away from harbor before the coastguards intercepted the ship using water cannons and boarding it.

The Greek coastguard, by command of the illegitimate Papandreu government, is wasting Greek public money into helping the Zionist Apartheid regime in Palestine (Israel) to persist in the criminal genocidal siege of Gaza, a dumping area for displaced persons from what is now allegedly Israel.

It is a total shame that this European government is helping the Nazi Zionists to achieve their criminal goals and to restrict freedoms in the Mediterranean. We can only hope that the Greek People make it fall soon. It may be too late for this flotilla but surely not the next one. 

Because there will be another one, no doubt.

Sources for the news: Al Jazeera, Uruknet.

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