Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nonviolent resistence stops a foreclosure in Navarre

Nonviolent resistance action of people around the May 15 movement has managed to stop a foreclosure in Orkoien, Navarre. 

The elderly couple threatened by foreclosure had been unable to pay the mortgage for some time (although most had been already paid for) but was again able to do it. However the bank, BBVA, rejected any mercy or renegotiation.

The affected family asked for help to the civic movement and these peacefully blockaded access. When the judicial secretary arrived to proceed they made a human wall and impeded her access. We did not even allow her to ring the bell, said one of the activists.

This is the first time one such civic action has taken place in the Basque Country. However in other parts of Europe, like Catalonia, this has been organized before. 

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