Monday, July 18, 2011

3D printing

If you haven't heard about this before, it is really an impressive technology, doubly so:

It is not just limited to mere plastic modeling (even if the model is a real tool in the end), architectural pieces are made in the equivalent large scale printer for concrete, it is also used to print fully functional prosthetic limbs and even (experimentally so far) a heart that beats. 

Lots of videos on this astonishing new technology (which has been around for some years already, it seems) at Washington's Blog.


  1. hey you should check out the Microsoft surface if you haven't already. Its awesome too.

  2. A sensor screen? How is that different? And how is that even comparable to wholly building a composite copycat out of the blue?

    I am not really that impressed. But I am still reeling in disbelief at the 3D printing devices.

  3. Opsa, I deleted your last comment by accident. Supposedly it can be undone but I can't see how. Sorry.

    It said:

    well it is an awesome sensor screen due to various new traits such as just placing a camera on the table and looking at pictures without touching the camera and transferring data from one device to another without wire connection. I guess it is unnecessary but a device to put anyone in awe.

    My apologies. There was someone spamming under you, but it was automatically sent to the spam folder (quite unexpected that it worked properly). :/


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