Sunday, July 24, 2011

The ideology of Norway's mass murderer is supported by 23% of Norwegians

Just like Hitler would have never amounted to anything without the support of large sectors of German society, it is probable that the criminal of Oslo and Utöya would have never existed, much less had access to so many weapons without a big cancer that corrodes Norwegian society as well: the Progress Party (FrP), which spouses the same ideology of Breivik, and that has an electoral support of 23% of Norwegians, being the second force in Parliament. The party has emphasized anti-immigration policies, iron fist police and Neoliberalism. Considered a neonazi party it has been isolated by the rest of Norway's political parties, although the Conservatives have on occasion considered working with them (similarly it was the conservatives and christian-democrats who rised Hitler to power in Germany and who made up the file and rank of Franco's military coup).

However Hitler's and Franco's rise had other key element, the barely covert support by international elements such as imperialist Great Britain, more worried about class war than about democracy or human rights. Who are the international connection of Breivik? Two elements have come to light so far: he prided of his connections with the English Defence League, a dangerous Neonazi organization, was fan of Geer Wilders, member of the Neonazi online forum Nordisk and he has been confirmed to be a Freemason.

Breivik was member of the Progress Party between 1999 and 2006 or 2007.

Latest informations suggest that he had at least one accomplice.

Incidentally, the massacre happened when the Social-Democratic youths were making a homage to the International Brigades that took part against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War (SA[es], AUF[no]):

The Guardian discusses his ideology, arguing that instead of being a mere racist Neonazi he was more a cultural fascist like Geert Wilders or the US Tea Party.

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