Friday, July 29, 2011

Argentina: three killed in brutal police repression

At least three people have been murdered by police forces in the Argentinean province of Jujuy, largely inhabited by Native Americans. Other 50 people resulted injured, including one with a bullet in the head fighting between life and death.

The violence was caused by police forces attacking people who had occupied lands property of Ledesma S.A., a company owned by the Blaquier family, a rotten oligarchic clan of accomplices of fascism. The company owns all the land of the village Libertador  and was therefore required by the state legally to give a tiny fraction away, so the village could grow. This is is the background of the occupation that some 500 families were realizing.

However, without any apparent judicial order, by decision of Kirchnerist governor Walter Barrionuevo, who is totally supportive of the oligarchic Blaquier family, police attacked the occupants with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition, to what the locals replied with stone throwing, although police accuses them of using guns as well.

Among the dead are two citizens and one policeman. Their names are: Ariel and Alejandro Farfán and Félix Reyes.

Source: La Haine[es].

Update (Jul 31): there are finally four killed: 3 citizens and a policeman. The civilian victims are: Félix Reyes Pérez, Víctor Heredia and Ariel Farfán. Also at least 30 injured, some of live fire and also many children poisoned by tear gas.

 Source: La Haine[es].

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