Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indefinite hunger strike to pressure Greece to allow internationalists to sail... and other Gaza solidarity news

The struggle continues and is only being extended in time.
Hunger strike

Six members of Rumbo a Gaza, the group of the Spanish state heading towards the Refugee Camp besieged by the Zionist Nazis, have began an indefinite hunger strike to pressure the government of Athens to allow them to sail freely as planned aboard the Gernika

They have also mentioned that the Spanish government has sent them a top level official communication declaring that they will not take any public step to support their right to sail freely. 



Hundreds of passengers were interrogated upon arrival to Palestine by air and 124 saw their entrance impeded by the Zionist occupation forces. They are possibly part of the so-called flytilla, an attempt to land in the Apartheid regime in order to bring the warmth of international solidarity to the oppressed People of Palestine and the rejection of Humankind against the existence of Israel (racist and genocidal regime in Palestine). 

Many were blocked by airlines (blackmailed by Israel) upon departure, in an illegal move. 

50 internationalists anyhow entered the West Bank and they are expected to take part in demos this weekend in Bilin or maybe some other place.

(Gara[es] - Video of European blockade at Palestine Video)

Illegal demo prohibition

West Basque Autonomous Police (Ertzaintza) irregularly forbade a demonstration at Donostia (San Sebastian) in solidarity with Palestine and the Flotilla under the slogan: Israel murderer, Spain accomplice.

Demonstrations cannot be allowed or forbidden by police but by higher authorities such as the provincial governor or the judges and any such prohibition is unprecedented. It has been denounced therefore by the activists as part of the process of surrender of sovereignty by the Spanish state to Israel. 

The demo was finally allowed after the slogan was changed. 


The Dignité sails to Rhodes
The ship fleeted by activists from the French state, Dignité-Al Karama, has been allowed to sail to Rhodes from Crete. It is unclear why the Greek authorities are making this distinction but they are only allowed to sail within Greek territorial waters in any case. 

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