Thursday, July 7, 2011

San Fermín, Pamplona: police fails to block Basque banners

The citizens and visitors of Pamplona managed this year to have the Basque flag in the City Hall Plaza in spite of attempts by local police to impede it. Last year they beat many and then they accused these youths of aggression (it's in tribunals now, so it's a hot issue).

The video is a bit long (and has some horrible techno music at the beginning, with the 2010 images) but it's worth watching to see the kind of surreal fights that can happen on something as simple  as the banner that the People consider their own and want to show out in fiestas:

Source: Ateak Ireki.

Update: photos show how police agents used utility knives to try to cut the Basque banner to pieces (source: AI, photo: Ekinklik):

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