Friday, July 29, 2011

Cables from the class war (Jul 29)

Hunger strikes demanding salary payment become common in economically devastated Montenegro, where it is legal to withhold payment to workers for months -> WSWS.

Indignants march to Brussels. They just ended a massive march to Madrid but they are anything but tired: if they can walk to Madrid, they can walk to Brussels - if the dreaded French cops allow. -> BBC.

Popular march to Brussels. We go slow because we go far.

7000 contract workers join 2300 permanent workers in Chile's largest mining strike in decades. The strike at Mina Escodida, owned by Australian multinational BHP Billiton, has already caused €100 million loses in missing revenue to the capitalist exploiters. Workers demand specially better security conditions, economic protection for workers who fall ill, and the replacement of security cameras by clocking-in systems to make sure that workers are paid overtime. -> Morning Star.

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