Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway terrorist cannot have acted alone

There are a number of unsolved issues in relation to the Norway terror attacks:

Issue no. 1 - The known mass murderer, Breivik, claims to have acted alone, yet numerous testimonies among the Utöya survivors claim to have felt shooting from other directions. Who to believe? Victims in principle. We must consider that a single shooter could have been submitted by 600 people sooner than later - harder if the there were sharpshooters (one or more) hidden somewhere.

Issue no. 2 - Breivik could not have got the automatic weapons he used in the Utöya massacre from his hobby as hunter. He must have bought them in the black market, probably via other fascist militants with the adequate connections. 

Issue no. 3 - Why in spite of all kind of help requests from Utöya police did not intervene in two hours 45 minutes?! The lake is at the outskirts of Oslo not in the remote Arctic or anything like that. Besides, they were necessarily already in maximum alert because of the Oslo bombing, so the reaction time should have been minimal. Who delayed police intervention? Why did they lack helicopters, what about the army?

Issue no. 4 - Why for hours and hours after it was known that the known attacker was ethnically Norwegian, so many media insisted in the Al Qaeda connection? Why after this was demonstrated impossible the attacks are being buried so quickly as a lone man's action instead of the organized fascist terrorism it probably is?

The last question is maybe the easiest one to answer: the likes of Breivik in the legal political arena, the Wilders, the Tea Party scum, the European Popular Party even... are understandably scared of being labeled as terrorists or supporters of terrorism, just as they usually label anything vaguely Muslim. 

But is there any difference? Obviously Breivik and his still unknown (but certain to exist) network aim to do exactly the same as the Islamist terrorist organizations. And, obviously, like these, they are mere puppets of the shadow powers that rule the World and not any genuine expression of the wishes of the peoples involved and hijacked in the process.

Update: Charlie Pottins also thinks that Breivik had connections, and not just in Norway. Apparently Breivik posted a 1500 page manifesto online just before the attacks, including a diary of the planning. In those pages he claimed that he belongs to a small group committed to seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.

He predicts a war that will kill a million people (I wonder if it has to do with the warnings that Israel will attack Iran in Autumn). He also claims to have taken part in a re-foundation of the Knight Templars in 2002 in London and boasts of his contacts and debates with the English Defense League, a Neonazi organization.

Update (Jul 25): BBC live coverage mentions that:

Norway's Aftenposten is reporting that the police did not have access to any surveillance helicopters due to holidays.

Uh? No helicopters because of holidays, never mind that there can be emergency rescues to make among excursionists or that, as member of NATO, Norwar has a respectable army in a respectable state of alert...

I suspect that this is a key lead to who is behind the attacks: who is behind police and military inability to effectively quit the shooting in, say, 15 minutes?

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