Friday, July 22, 2011

Telegraphic news review (July 22)


Romania: Protest against Canadian gold mine project in Romania. Permit is illegal. Cyanide poison risk. Culture minister resignation demanded. AFP.

Spain: Indignants' March approaches Madrid. Tele Sur video at PO (Spanish with English subtitles).

Belarus: 20 arrested in silent protests against dictatorship. Euronews video at PO.

Egypt: Protests continue for fast track reform. ABC.

South Africa: Wave of strikes grows. Extreme police repression. One killed. New law restricts freedom of speech. COSATU denounced as strike-breaker. Executive workers may earn as much as 300 times what basic workers. WSWS.

Malawi: Riots demand that President Mutharika resigns. Lilongwe and Mzuzu most affected. Violence began when judge declared peaceful protests against the rising cost of life illegal. BBC.

Japan: Fukushima Daiichi reactors no. 3 and  no. 4 suffer electric supply cut. TEPCO denies it may be yet another problem. NHK.

Colombia: 10,000 oil workers on strike. Unhappiness with working conditions. Triggered by firing of 1100 contractors by CEPSA's local subsidiary Cepcolsa after they became unionized. Contractors forced to accept short weekly contracts once and again. Fox.

USA: Hunger strike in California prison continues against extreme isolation punishments. Tele Sur video (Spanish with English subtitles) at PO.

Australia: Tear gas and bean bag rounds (shock pellets that can kill) to repress riot at immigrant detention center in Christmas Island. ABC.

Health: Key male infertility defect affects 25% and is a hidden protein defect (normal motility and sperm count). SD.

Quantum Physics: Heavy cousin of neutron observed for first time: Xi-sub-b (Ξb0). SD.

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