Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick news review (Jul 1)

I'm a bit overwhelmed (as I imagine many of you are as well) with the flood of news on nuclear accidents, revolts and other stuff. So I'm going to be highly synthetic here:

Nuclear risk latest

Plutonium in tents, what next?

Thanks to Energy News for the updated info.


While Greece was burning in rage, so it happened for several (not really too different) reasons in Egypt and Senegal.

Other: Spanish late-fascist corruption as intellectual property mafia

Spain's intellectual property mafia (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, SGAE) raided by police under major accusations of corruption. The denounce (implying money laundering and illegal appropriation of the society's funds) was made in 2007 by the following associations:
  • Internauts' Association
  • Internet Users' Association
  • Association of Small and Middle-sized Companies of Informatics and New Technologies (APEMIT)
  • Spanish Association of Hostelers Victims of the Canon (VACHE)
The SGAE was founded by the Fascist regime in 1941 and holds a practical monopoly in all related to taxing uses of intellectual property. It is a black beast of tavern owners because they attempt to collect illegal taxes for the use of music and such. It is in general hated by most people, including many artists. However artists who have criticized the SGAE have suffered corporate boycotts as result, so not many dare to speak out.

Finally some of the truth about this horrid mafia has been too stinky for the tribunals not to intervene and the society's see has been raided and at least director general Teddy Bautista has been arrested. 

However it is strange that the judicial intervention happened precisely the day when the mafia was having internal elections. Beware of what comes after these. 

Source[es]: Gara, Sare Antifaxista.

Update (Jul 3): according to Público[es], the infamous pseudo-rock-star from long gone times Ramoncín, a close friend of several of the arrested, has declared preventively that he will sue the first one who accuses him of being involved.

This made me think of that saying that goes excusatio non petita, accusatio manifiesta (excuses not asked, manifest (self-)inculpation) and that other so Castilian one that reads: el que se pica, ajos come (who itches ate garlic).

Surely Ramoncín should sue himself, if you know what I mean.

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