Friday, July 1, 2011

Israel sabotages solidarity ships with Gaza, the flotilla continues however

The shaft of the starboard propeller of the MV Saoirse was damaged with an unknown instrument causing it to bend and make the journey impossible. The ship had been docked at the Turkish port of Göcek and the damage must have been done by divers.

Another solidarity ship, the Juliano was similarly damaged earlier in Greece. This kind of sabotage is very serious and could have caused the ship to sink. It is a true act of terrorism, state terrorism.

The Irish are still going to Gaza but on other ships.

In related news, the US boat to Gaza campaign is ready to sail. Oragnizer Anne Wright said:

We will sail to challenge the naval blockade of Gaza, we have ten ships, we have passengers aged 22-87 ... we have carpenters, retirees, acupuncturists; these are the people that the state of Israel fears.

The most elder in this expedition is Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, 87, who gave an interview for Democracy Now!

The Zionist terrorist organization known as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been spreading false information about what these boats carry. Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovitz claimed that there are passengers in those boats that want to kill Israeli soldiers and that dangerous incendiary materials are onboard. 

Those lies are for domestic consumption obviously, maybe in order to justify an already planned massacre (as if that would dissuade anyone), but have helped delay the exit of the US part of the flotilla, docked in Greece. Naturally the organization demands inspections by Greece.

Ten ships from several European and North American states aim to reach Gaza, which is not legally Israel nor is technically occupied by Israel either, without entering Israeli territorial waters at any moment. Israel, which holds an unilateral and illegal siege of the refugee camp with the help of the Egyptian Junta, pretends it has any right to impede access through international and Gazan territorial waters. No state is challenging them but the global civil society is - and this kind of international nonviolent campaign is simply great.

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