Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick news review (July 21)

Some news and stuff I don't have energies to treat in depth but that are anyhow quite interesting:

Antifascist wallpapers.- Two versions (Antifa and Antifascist All Stars) at Sare Antifaxista, originally from Danish site Projekt Antifa.

Zionists panicking at possible loss of Murdoch.- Jews sans frontieres discusses how key Zionist sites are showing clear worry at the tumbling of the rotten media empire.

CIA veteran warns of Israel attack against Iran in the Fall.- Al Jazeera echoes this warning bt the Hollywood-famous ex-spy Robert Baer (Syriana). He warns that the USA will follow suit and will get us all in yet another stupid, criminal and pointless war.

Town 150 km North of Fukushima NPP, as polluted as some areas within 50 km.- The Ministry of Science launched the warning and NHK echoes it but the radiation map that has inspired the minister is a creation of the Japanese civil society and not the government, which has bee rather trying to hide the severity of the situation so far.

The fascist authors of the Spanish Biographical Dictionary accused at court.- For the crimes of injury and apology of genocide. Reported at Sare Antifaxista[es], for background see here.

Anti-Zionist demonstration in Jerusalem.- A peaceful demo took place at Jerusalem demanding the end of the Zionist occupation and the recognition of Palestinian statehood. Video at

35 arrested at San Francisco (California) protest against police violence.- Video at Apparently they were protesting a killing by police. The armed organization declared the civic protest illegal and rounded them up.

Kurds begin hunger strike at Dublin (Ireland).- They demand the revocation of the Treaty of Lausanne, which divided Kurdistan between for foreign states: Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Video at

Novel approach improves windfarm efficiency.- Science Daily mentions that  Caltech suggests recovering vertical axis wind turbine design, which would allow to locate them close to each other, tapping the most of local wind, adapting to low altitude turbulent winds and reducing overall environmental impact.

Pluto has yet another moon.- Pluto may not be anymore a true planet but it has four moons. That is the new finding by a Hubble telescope survey, adding to the already known Charon, Nyx and Hydra moons of the dwarf planet. The new satellite has been provisionally named P4 (for Pluto-4, you guessed it).

Artificial neural network trained to discern between four scientists.-  A network of four neuron-like artificial cells (built using DNA, so still biological even if artificial) has been trained to solve a logical puzzle by which it identifies one of four possible scientists on a number of possible combined clues. SD.

Laetoli footprints show modern human gait 3.7 million years ago.- SD.

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