Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cables from the class war (Jul 30)

Bulqiza miner
Albania: 30 miners in huger strike

They are fasting 1400 meters under the surface of the town of Bulqiza. The hunger strike is an escalation of a three weeks strike by some 700 workers of Albanian Chrome, a subsidiary of Austrian DMC DECO Metal. 

The striking workers demand a substantial salary rise.

Bulqiza is the largest chromium mine on Earth. Chromium is an essential metal in modern steel and aluminum alloys, among other products.

Basque Country: mayor suffers death threats

Lasarte-Oria town hall
The mayor of Lasarte-Oria, Pablo Barrio, of the Left Basque-Nationalist coalition Bildu, has received a letter in Spanish language, stamped in Madrid, with death threats and generic insults against the Basque People:

You are not people but vermin to be exterminated, read the missive.

The local socio-political club Xirimiri Elkartea, has also been attacked recently in two occasions, one of them specifically against Basque icons such as banners. 

-> Gara[es].

Basque Country: solidarity with Basque prisoners goes to the beach

Thousands activists solidarious with the Basque prisoners went to the beaches and roads today claiming: 

Eskubide guztiak. Euskal presoak Euskal Herrira.
All the rights. Basque prisoners to the Basque Country.

In the communication read in public, the activists have denounced that the dispersion of the prisoners through remote prisons in the Spanish and French states is not just an attack against fundamental human rights but also an obstacle for the peaceful resolution in the conflict between the Basque People and these two imperialist West European states. 

-> Gara[es].

See also video at Ateak Ireki (Hendaia). This site also mentions another road accident of relatives of a Basque prisoner who were traveling to Herrera de la Mancha.

Palestine: Zionist settlers set fire to olive trees

It happened in Burin (near Nablus, West Bank). Israeli military forces impeded firefighters from accessing the area to put down the fire.

-> Uruknet.

Palestine: Zionist troops attempt to murder farmer

Zionist troops shot against a farmer working his lands in the Gaza Strip. Zionist guards regularly shoot at will to farmers and passers-by within the largest concentration camp on Earth and nobody raises an eyebrow.

-> Uruknet.


  1. I don't understand, if the Basque people are suppressed politically and socially in Spain, then why not declare independence and wage a war? Insurrection and sedition could be the initiation and whatever may proceeds afterward the framework of the revolution. I know I am overly simplifying the situation but sometimes you must wage war if the people are supporting basque autonomy. Its the peoples war.


    Actually there is much more but we have been in war most of the last
    two centuries, and I would bore you telling about earlier history
    (revolts, self-rule, sovereign states, the Franks, the Arabs, the
    Goths, the Romans, the Celts...

    To be simple:,

    Not necessarily all you find written there is objective but it should
    at least give you some background. Spain as-it-is is a product of the
    War of the Spanish Succession and hence part of the status quo of West
    Europe traditionally supported by France and Britain and now by the
    USA and NATO also. It's not so easy for a small people to win such a

    But we will eventually, I hope.


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