Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 'Gernika' allowed to sail

After some days of tension, embassy occupation, hunger strike, etc. The Greek government has finally authorized the exit of the Gernika, which has been today making tests in coastal waters. 

However the members of the Rumbo a Gaza project have decided to return to Spain instead of following to Gaza, something I do not understand. What's the point of leaving half way? Many of the passengers returned early as it became evident that the project was being delayed... all this indicates in my opinion that the project was too weak and had a too narrow schedule for this kind of resistance action.

Personally, would I be leading this kind of action, I would not accept any passenger who is not ready to be there for at least three months. This is no holiday and there are a lot of unemployed people with plenty of free time. You can't expect to breach a siege without the capability of persevering action: not all is about mere fleeting a ship and some humanitarian aid, you need the power of persistent nonviolent struggle, the ability to sit there for weeks or months if need be. 

Less ships, less "personalities" and better prepared and sturdier nonviolent fighters. This is no two weeks vacation. I could not expect nor I can understand that most passengers returned to Spain in such short notice after the Greek blockade nor that the ship would now return instead of following to Gaza as planned since the beginning. It is a clear case of poor planning.

Source LINYM[es], also Freedom Flotilla II.

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