Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick news review (July 5)

What's been happening on planet Earth?

Toxic dildos

German Greens demand health regulations on dildos and vibrators: the excess of phtalates causes infertility and other hormonal impairments. While this issue is regulated for children's toys, it is not for adults' ones. No doubt an important health initiative for all Europe and the World but it does not seem that Merkel is going to listen, in what I'd call a reckless attitude. Again Merkel misses the opportunity to lead Europe and not just her petty Christian-fundamentalist German-nationalist parochial club.

Oil spill in Montana

1,000 oil barrels (or 42,000 gallons or 163,000 liters) spill in Yellowstone river (Montana) acknowledged by Exxon Mobile. Considering the floods that the whole Mississippi-Missouri basin is suffering, the threat is important for wildlife as for farms.A throughout evaluation of the spill remains to be done.

Fukushima citizens dump radioactive soil chaotically
In another example of the delirious inefficiency of the Japanese government at managing the nuclear disaster, Fukushima citizens have been forced to clean up radioactive soil on their own means and dump it wherever they could imagine:

I scooped up all the radioactive soil and grass from my garden and dumped it in the forest, so no one could find it, said a local mother. Others have dumped it in parks or riverbanks...

Also all soil samples from the area happen to be contaminated above the legal limits (which are already quite loose), so citizens may be wasting their time after all. As was mentioned yesterday, most of the prefecture must be evacuated

Hands off the Freedom Flotilla

A group of people gathered before the Greek embassy at Dublin to protest against the irregular and arbitrary detention of the ships of the Free Gaza flotilla by the morally bankrupt Greek government.

Also in Israel/Palestine, people from different ethnicities have made public their support for the Freedom Flotilla and rejection of Greek meddling.

Belarus clapping protesters arrested

140 Belorussian citizens face farce-trial in the Eastern European fascist state after being arrested by Nazi-looking plain clothes policemen for clapping in public:

Subtle forms of protest like walking around or clapping have become common in today's Belarus but the tyrant Lukashenko does not look like allowing the slightest sign of discontent being shown.

Netherlands state guilty of handing Bosniaks to Serbo-Bosnian genocidal troops

That was in Srebrenica in 1995. The Dutch troops in Srebrenica ignored their UN mandate to defend civilians, who had sought protection at their compound and forced them out. They even handed some Bosniaks who worked for them as civilian personnel, this after knowing for a fact that they'd be killed by the Chetniks.

Now the International Court of The Hague has declared the Dutch state guilty of the criminal negligence for that betrayal, opening the way for further claims.

8000 male Bosniaks were murdered that journey thanks to the Dutch Army's cowardice.

Moroccans unsatisfied by the reforms

The new royal charter (aka constitution) is still far from what many Moroccans hope for. They keep demanding full democracy and human rights:

Honduran peasants brutally evicted (update)

114 homes, six school rooms, a kindergarten, six chicken farm projects, six irrigation projects, three temples, a communal center and many crops were destroyed in Rigores (Trujillo, Colón) by police aided with an excavator and fire.

The farms had been there for eleven years. The 114 families have now nowhere to go.

Even if the judge had allowed for two hours to retrieve posessions, only one hour was allowed in fact. Then the demolition began. All the teaching materials and school furniture were burned.

Source: LINYM[es].

Monaco prince forced his wife to marry

US citizen Charlene Wittstock, recently married to Prince Albert of Monaco tried to flee from her wedding several times... to no avail. The reasons behind these escape attempts seem to be in certain extra-marital affairs with children that the casino-village royal had fathered. But whatever the why, the affair highlights a serious case of human rights abuse by a residual tax heaven autocracy that should not even exist.

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