Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Utöya mass murderer draws applause in Israel

I have already mentioned at more or less obvious element of Zionism in this criminal attack, because the main reason to target Norway was its mild criticism of Israel and its genocidal policies, relatively rare in NATOland, at least at institutional level. Norway had already announced that it would recognize the Palestinian State as soon as proclaimed.

As Jews sans frontiers reports, Israelis have massively cheered (mostly in Hebrew) the criminal acts of Breivik and his secret imperial network under the likely command of NATO. Here there are the first 13 readers' comments published at YNET news article on the massacre (translated at JSF), brace yourselves:

1. And in the mosque there won’t be some ceremony?
2. It’s fun and warms the heart to see them crying!!!!
3. Go to hell. Haters of Jews/Israelis, anti-semites busy with the problems of others all day—here you got some too. [signed Zionist]
4. I have no identification with an anti-Semitic country that leads to the hatred of Israel. Not happy, not sorry.
5. All in all, what they asked for is what they got!!!!
6. [in Norwegian.] Serves you right, you Nazis.
7. He is a hero, kill all leftists, expel all Muslims.
8. European efficiency.
9. It’s only a matter of time until an Israeli rightwinger will do something similar.
10. My heart with the families of all the victims. I wish you will never know more sorrow and I wish all the wounded will heal as quickly as possible and will put this tragedy behind them. Condolences and sympathy from Israel. [Norwegian and English]
11. I have hope too… that you have many more days of mourning and tears.
12. Feel a little bit of what we feel here all the time, maybe now you’ll understand what it is, terror.
13. The ugly Israeli continues to talkback. Shame on you, you bunch of people who rejoice in the suffering of others dancing on the blood. It’s a shame that you even hold Israeli IDs.
Of 13 comments, only two express some sort of compassion or solidarity, all the rest are outright support for the terrorist or cynic slightly less obvious remarks.

The wave of terrorist comments did not end on no. 13, of course. Comment no. 18 proposed:

Rename Rabin Square to Anders Breivik Sq. for a good finish to my wonderful weekend.

I have no words but I have more and more clear who are the culprits.

Police inaction

More and more people are also awakening to the terrible reality of police inaction while Breivik and his hidden cells were massacring teenagers at Utöya. Thinking naively, it is a case of criminal negligence but thinking clearly it is much more likely a case of police complicity with the attack. 

This matter should be investigated to the frozen depths of Hell if need be. It is crucial that the insider accomplices of the fascist terrorists are arrested and severely punished. NATO-Zionist terror cannot be allowed to rule Europe from the shadows: it is critical that every single accomplice is exposed and punished.

(Update) It has been known also that Breivik was in a security list after he ordered chemicals online from a Polish company.

Update: some other details

Lizzy Davies at The Guardian mentions that Breivik used dum-dum bullets, intended to increase the chances of death and a painful agony. It is the first time I read this detail but considering that these terrible bullets have been forbidden by humanitarian war conventions, it adds up to the overall cruelty of the attack.

Another article at The Guardian mentions that:
  • Breivik has also claimed in court that there will be more killings.
  • He was with another person when he bought the fertilizer apparently used in bomb-making.
  • Norway's police decided not investigate the purchase of a dangerous (but legal) unnamed chemical by Breivik from a Polish company. 
  • He meant to kill famed Norwegian former PM Gro Harlem Brundtland, who had visited the island a few hours earlier.

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  1. Hi Maju, excellent post and it is very sad to see such inhumanity from these people, when crying victim of such violence themselves.
    You would expect better from a "democratic" nation.
    Norway has been critical of Israel in the past and has been humane toward those who have suffered through the actions of Israel.
    the picture at the bottom says it all doesn't it.
    cheers and regards


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