Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fukushima city at 1000x 'safe' radiation levels

It may be patchy but it is clearly there. The City of Fukushima, far inland and out of the official evacuation area of 30 km. and the one proposed by Washington of 80 km., suffers in some areas radiation levels that are a thousand times those considered safe, as explained in this video of Russia Today:

Also interesting from RT is this analysis on how we are before a triple meltdown, a triple China syndrome almost (or already?) and the most important catastrophe since at least Chernobyl has just rendered made almost invisible:

We saw that happening in the case of the Gulf of Mexico last year: quietly the media stops reporting altogether even if the problem is still there, important things are happening and the problem is far from solved (actually aggravating, as the real effects do show up with time). Why does the media do that? Because it is owned by a handful of big capitalists who do not so much practice outright censorship (though they sometimes do too) but they direct the focus of attention by means of the company's hierarchy. For example I recently read that no bad news are allowed for India at the BBC because it is an investment destination. And BBC is public!

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