Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SOS video-testimonies from Fukushima

Must watch, just 5-6 mins of your time each.

Independent councilor  from Minamisōma, town North of Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power plant that was only reluctantly evacuated by the criminal Japanese government, many weeks after the catastrophe. He complains that the government and the mayor want to settle back the 71,000 citizens. In Japanese with English subtitles:

Concerned citizens from Fukushima city, which has not been evacuated in spite of the clearly high levels of contamination, much higher than what got the people around Chernobyl evacuated. They are extremely concerned about their children's health and thank you for listening. In Japanese with French and English subtitles:

See also at this blog:
Radiation measure (by the People's self-organization, what's the government worth?) at present date:

Updated map and legend here. Only pale yellow is at levels considered safe (0.114 μS/h). Other yellow may be as much as 80% above safe levels, green and blue shades are already several times safe levels, while pink and red colors are at least 10 times the legal limit.

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