Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Western Basque government will pay €2300 monthly to companies that briefly hire long-term unemployed

Crazy! The Western Basque Government (which has no legitimacy whatsoever right now, after transparent municipal elections showed who has the votes) is going to waste huge amounts of public money paying €2300 each month to companies that hire long-term unemployed for even a few months. Considering that the salaries paid are unlikely to be above €1000 in most cases, the companies would be getting benefits not from this person's work but from public money. 

This has been denounced by labor union Solidarity of Basque Workers (ELA), which has also decided to abandon their presence in the new Western Basque institute of employment Lanbide, because they see that it is only going to be a tool for the anti-social policies of the illegitimate government of Patxi López. 

By this method, as long as the public budget can afford it, businessmen will be getting huge subsidies with the pretext of employment creation. This is not "you don't have to pay social security for the first year" or whatever... it is outright wasting Basque public funds for doing nothing but signing a contract. 

That money would be much better employed in direct aid to unemployed (at a fraction of the cost per capita) or maybe to new companies, self-employment, cooperatives... or to public housing. But instead it is going to be given away to capitalists for no reason at all. It is a shame, yet another unbelievable abuse of this decadent late Capitalism.

Source: Gara[es].

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