Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nazi attack in Granada sends youth to hospital

A citizen of Granada (Andalusia, Spain?) was attacked yesterday night by a gang of Nazis who beat him badly in the face with steel-reinforced boots, disfiguring him terribly. 

The source of this information, Madriz Rebelde[es], also mentions that this is the third murderous attack by Neonazis (other than police thugs) in the state of Spain in the last few weeks. On March 9th s fund-rising party by leftist students in Madrid was attacked by a Nazi gang, later in Manresa (Catalonia), people waiting for a concert was also attacked brutally and one is in coma since then. 

Additionally police corps have been very violent in the occupied countries of the North. I have already mentioned the brutal beating of Xuban Nafarrete in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) on March 29th but MR also mentions[es] that two Italians were hit by rubber bullets in the protests of that day in Barcelona. Angelo Cilia has lost vision in one eye because of the police aggression, while another unnamed Italian citizen is struggling to save it. 

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