Saturday, April 7, 2012

'Our name is Resistance' - Letter of the daughter of Dimitris Christoulas

My father’s handwritten note left no room for misinterpretation. He has been a leftish activist throughout his life, a selfless visionary.

This specific act of his ending is a conscious political act, entirely consistent with his beliefs and actions during his lifetime. In our country, Greece, they are killing the self-evident.

For some, for “the stubborn children of the chimera”, in such a situation, suicide seems to be the obvious act, not as a getaway, but as an awakening scream.

For this reason, it (the suicide) takes on another meaning, the meaning of that song we first sang together, at the concert of our beloved Mikis (Theodorakis), in 1975, the song we always sang at our own celebrations and for our own dead… Go to sleep father and I am heading to my brothers and sisters with your voice.

This is the only thing you were dreaming for the youth and I think you’ve accomplished it. At the site where you left, there is a note of a youth: “The name of the dead today is Democracy… But it’s 11 million of us that are still alive and our name is Resistance”.

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