Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Basque Country: Evicted from Parliament people on trial for attempting to run for office

Amparo Lasheras run in the list Democracy Three Million (D3M), which was one of the several attempts of Basque citizens aligned with one of the major political blocs to run for office against the dictates of the Spanish Inquisition in this last decade. 

Lasheras was arrested two years ago just for trying to play by the rules of the game of formal democracy and being the main speaker of an ample platform that demanded civil right and a semblance of democracy for the Southern Basque Country. 

Her trial begins now.

For that reason she and two supporters, Txerra Bolinaga and Imanol Olabarria, intiated today a protest in the Western Basque Parliament (which is still today non-representative of the popular will) which consists of a hunger strike in the office of the MPs of a distinct but less important legal party: Aralar. They also had the support of Basque Solidarity, EA (all three political blocs are now running together to elections in the context of unilateral peace process by ETA, which is spitefully ignored by Spain).

For the three protesters, this trial that now begins in the halls of the Spanish Inquisition (Audiencia Nacional) in Madrid emphasizes the lack of civil rights in the Basque Country under the boot of the Spanish occupation, 812 years after the conquest of Vitoria-Gasteiz. 

The Spanish proconsul (pretending to be Lehendakari) has got them evicted by force. 

Source: Gara[es].

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