Monday, April 9, 2012

Spain's new wastes: giving public money to military businessmen because they are friends of the minister

Minister Pedro Morenés
There is no money for pensions, no money for healthcare, no money for public housing, no money for culture and no money for unemployment subsidies... but the neofascist rulers of Spain have enough taxpayer money to give it to their capitalist friends at whim it seems. 

The former owners of Instalaza SA, a weapons company specialized in the construction of cluster bombs, will be paid an 'indemnity' for the UN decission to ban such particularly harmful weapons in 2010. The amount to be gifted to these white gloved thieves is €40 million.

Incidentally the current Minister of Defense, Pedro Morenés, was councilor of this munitions company between 2005 and 2007, later becoming representative until late 2011, when he resigned in order to become minister.

Besides working for Instalaza, this thief of Morenés worked in other companies of the Military-Industrial Complex: MBDA missile systems (formerly EADS and others), the private security company Segur Ibérica, military building subcontractor Aritex. He was also Secretary of State (viceminister) for Defense and Security with the Aznar government that invaded Iraq without proper war declaration or reason whatsoever and presides a capitalist association (Círculo de Empresarios).

Source: Tercera Información[es].

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