Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teenagers seriously injured by Bahrain police (BCHR)

Bahrain authority escalates its level of excessive force against pro-democracy protesters

16 April 2012

Mohammed Abdul-Aziz, 15, was shot in the chest by security forces who fired at mourners of the martyr Ahmed Ismail on Friday 13th , April 2012. Security forces have widely used shotgun-internationally prohibited weapon- during the last few days in many areas of Bahrain, which resulted in a number of injuries amongst protesters.

The pellets from the shotgun have pierced into different parts of Mohammed's body but mainly his chest which sustained severe injury. His situation is very critical. He was taken to Salmaniya hospital where he received initial treatment. The doctor in Salmaniya recommended that he be transferred to Bahrain Defense hospital where he can be admitted for operation, but security forces refused under the pretext that there are no orders of such. He was later taken to intensive care unit.

Sadeq Reyadh, 15, from Bani Jamra, suffers from skull fracture and internal head bleeding as a result of beating using a weapon by a police man. He was admitted to hospital and is still in a critical condition.

Habib Mohammed Khalil, 15, from Markh, was beaten by security forces and is now admitted to hospital due to a wound in the arm and a severe eye injury.

Security forces carried out a wide house raids campaign than resulted in the arrest of dozens young men (most of them are teenagers between 16-18 years old) from several areas. The raided houses were searched and damaged by security forces, and the detainees were beaten brutally during their arrests, there are still traces of blood in the location where they wear beaten.

Peaceful protests in many areas were attacked by security forces using tear gas, shotguns and sound bombs, leading to cases of suffocation and a number of injuries among the protesters.

BCHR's Said Yousif AlMuhafdhah and Human Rights Watch's Nadim Houry and Tom Malinowsky were arrested in Bahrain and detained for around 4 hours. They were picked up from Duraz and 20 youths were reportedly arrested with them. AlMuhafdhah, Houry and Malinowsky were observing protests when they were detained. When some of the mothers and wives of those detained gathered around the police station to see their loves ones, they were attacked by riot police who shot up to 15 stun grenades at them.

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