Thursday, April 12, 2012

Western Basque Police Corps (Ertzaintza) is the terror of Basque society

And they have not the slightest intention of changing their ways but instead each day is the same or worse. That's why, while others call for a revision of the protocols, methods or even profile of the personnel, I call for the dissolution right away of the terrorist police corps.

Not only they inflict terror with their worst most violent interventions like the one that almost killed Xuban Nafarrete or the one that actually killed Iñigo Cabacas but they also threaten and attack all kind of demonstrations and protests, very specially those that denounce police terror.

It is not just police however but also a deeply rotten legal an judiciary system that leaves citizens undefended against police arbitrariness. They can accuse you of anything and they are right by default, you can denounce them with all the evidence that they will get away unpunished. Even in a case of murder or at the very least manslaughter and negligence, like that of Iñigo, they will get away with all likelihood.

All that and other elements (illegalization of major political and social organizations producing unrepresentative parliaments and councils and illegitimate authorities, etc.) effectively mean that the situation of the Basque Country is very much not democratic but a brutal dictatorship with a bad pretext. Never mind this is the heart of Europe.

Today, with terrorizing aim, the police corps Ertzaintza sent its members in plain clothes to attempt to intimidate social activists issuing a press conference (video) before the Court of Justice. According to Sare Antifaxista, these photos usually end up in fascist forums like foropolicía.

Before the press conference could conclude, agents of the Erztaintza, forced the social activists to end it with the pretext that they were blocking the passage (what was not true). It was then when the agents attempted to take photos of those presents. In turn the social activists took photos of the agent, moment when police intervened in full force arresting one of them and beating others as shown in the following video:

Source: Gara[es], Borroka garaia da![eu], Sare Antifaxista[es], Bilboko Branka[eu].

Two arrested in Abadino

Two citizens, aged 22 and 26, were arrested today in Abadino. Apparently the Ertzaintza is trying to make up a pretext for their murderous intervention and accuses the two of being involved in some sort of street fight and therefore they have been charged with a crime of injuries. However there's nobody injured other than Iñigo Cabacas but, according to the complicated made-up story of the Ertzaintza, the deadly police attack was justified because there had been a denounce of a fight with injuries. 

Source: Bilboko Branka[es].

Protest without the Mayor at the Town Hall

Dozens gathered at the Town Hall of Bilbao this morning in denounce of the killing of Iñigo Cabacas. The protesters denounced the reactionary Mayor I. Azkuna who apparently decided that Iñigo was less victim of violence than others just because his assassins are police agents.

I feel deeply ashamed of this Mayor, this Town Hall and my co-citizens who voted them in.

Video of the protest:

Source: Bilboko Branka[es].

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