Friday, April 6, 2012

Class War again in the streets of Greece after two desperate people killed themselves

The most striking case was that of Dimitris Christoulas who shot himself dead at the age of 75 in Syntagma Square. His denunciation of the traitor government who stole his pension, duly paid through a life of hard work, to pay the banksters in France, Germany and elsewhere, and foresight of the armed uprising of the Greek youth have really touched the people in Greece and, I'd dare say, of all Europe and the World. 

As Bertolt Brecht memorably wrote:
There are many ways to kill:
they can stab a knife in your guts,
take away your bread,
not to cure you from an illness,
put you in a miserable home,
torture you to death 
by means of work,
take you to war, etcetera.
Only some of these are 
prohibited in our city.
Yesterday in Euronews we could listen to a woman explaining that she is in the same desperate situation, after her pension of some €400 per month (extremely low income!) was cut radically to a mere €180 (= $235).

The blame of these deaths therefore lays in the Quisling Papademos government but also in the bourgeois dictatorship of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the overall imperial organization of NATO, neither of which is democratic at all.

And I say deaths, plural, because another man, aged 38, killed himself[es] yesterday in Ierapetra as he saw himself unable to feed his children anymore. 

Dimitris made his last contribution to Greece with his death, which was not just a silent one but a cry of anger and a rally call fro revolution:

The Tsolakoglou* [Quisling] occupation government literally nullified my ability to survive on a decent pension, for which I had already paid (without government aid) for 35 years.
I am of an age that prevents me from offering a decent individual response (without of course ruling out the possibility of being the second person to take arms, should one person decide to do so), I find no solution other than a dignified end, before resorting to going through garbage in order to cover my nutritional needs.
One day, I believe, the youth with no future will take up arms and hang the national traitors at syntagma square, just like the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Milan’s Piazzale Loreto)
–Dimitris Christoulas, Syntagma, Athens, April 4th, 201

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