Monday, September 22, 2014

Civil resistance against political repression at Loiola

The five youths challenging the Spanish Inquisition
Several Basque youths under political persecution by the Spanish authorities have staged today, along with a huge number of supporters an act of civil resistance against the repression they are subjected to for their political ideas. The scenario chosen for this act of defiance was the Sanctuary of Loiola, a Jesuit temple erected in the home lands of Eneko Loiola, known to posterity as Ignatius of Loyola.

"Basque" police soon appeared in riot gear, their faces covered under the black masks of mercenary shame. The result can be watched in the following videos:

Imagine that there is a pro-occupation demo and nobody goes...

Go away!!
Yes, I'm paraphrasing the old war resisters' slogan "Imagine that there is a war and nobody goes". It's not that different in fact and that is exactly what happened.

Far right groups called for a demo in Pamplona in support of the Spanish occupation forces. Only some ten fanatics showed up and the demo was canceled right away by the organizers, admittedly because nobody had come.

It seems obvious that NOBODY supports the Spanish military and police occupation or Navarre or the Basque Country in general.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

Fundamentalist pincer against Kurdish civilians

The Western-armed "Islamic State" has attacked the Kurdish town of Kobanê (also known as Ayn al-Arab), causing the flight of some 70,000 civilians to Northern Kurdistan, under Turkish occupation. The Islamist government of Ankara, known to be the most unconditional supporter of Ibrahim's "Caliphate", has closed the artificial colonial border, which runs along the Istanbul-Baghdad railroad through this part of Kurdistan. 

Thousands of Northern Kurds have been pushing towards the barbed-wire occupation line with the intent of helping the refugees or even joining the struggle against the Islamists. As the Turkish occupation forces wouldn't let them move freely, clashes began near the checkpoint.

A large number of civilians remain trapped south of the occupation line (→ video) without food nor water after being forced to run for their lives as the Islamist forces advanced around Kobanê destroying everything.

As happens with the Yezidi refugees taken under the protection of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), the Turkish state is not at all willing to help them even passively, regardless of the fact that the PKK and Ankara have been in a stable truce for a whole year now. The attitude of Ankara has been all the time to support the Islamic State and favor their war crimes. Thousands of Ibrahim's fanatic followers are Turkish, the Turkish Army has trained Islamic State's thugs in NATO's most important airbase in the region: Incirlik (what implies also US participation and blessing) and, while closing the occupation line to Kurds, has allowed the border to remain open for the Islamist terrorists. 

Much as in Ukraine or Palestine: NATO, the US Empire and its many puppets, means fascist dictatorship and terror for the civilians everywhere, whose lives become incidental to the power-mongering of the imperialist forces and totally expendable. Kurdistan is no exception and, especially considering that the Kurdish forces have one of the most advanced socio-political analysis in our West Eurasian region, they deserve all the solidarity we can muster: because they are the only good guys and girls in all the region, the only ones who seem to have clear priorities of equality, freedom and respect and not some fanatic fascist agenda that only serves the oligarchs of the World at the expense of the people.  

The Humanist ideals in West Asia are spelled "Kurdistan", let's give them all our support, let's smash those fascists!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland votes today on its future

Will the majority of Scots vote for an independent Scotland or prefer to stay under English rule? Whichever their choice, what is most important is that they do get to choose, something that most people-nations in Europe or elsewhere are not allowed to. 

This makes the Scottish referendum a central reference in the ongoing process of internal European decolonization, which is one of the most painful democracy issues in the subcontinent awaiting resolution. 

All other oppressed people-nations of Europe look at Scotland today with great interest and to London also with some admiration for being able to allow the fundamental democratic right to secession. Meanwhile the petty tyrants of Madrid, Paris and other neo-Absolutist (Jacobin) regimes shiver and grunt, fearing not just contagion (most of the separatist movements in their residual empires are older and stronger than the Scottish one) but particularly the difficulty of justifying repression against attempts of democratic empowering when such a precedent has been set.

Would I live in Scotland (where I'd be entitled to vote as resident EU citizen, per the rules of this referendum), I would definitely vote YES. No nation has ever repented from regaining sovereignty, even if some times the road to freedom may be difficult. Ask the Estonians if they would want to be again under Russian domination, ask the Angolans if they would like to be Portuguese again, ask the Irish if they would rather be British, ask the Icelanders if they'd prefer to be Danes, ask the Kosovars if they'd wish to be under Serbia or ask the Greeks if they'd want to be under the Turkish yoke? Nobody ever repented from getting their natural rights. And that will also be the case with Scotland if the YES option succeeds today. 

Of course it is the decision of Scots and we must all respect it, whichever it is, but we must also all be glad that they get the right to choose, something that is a fundamental human right, seldom respected. 

Hopefully soon Basques, Catalans, Corsicans, Bretons, Kurds, Chechens, Sahrawis and other oppressed peoples of this part of the World will follow suit. It is time of decolonization.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Millions of Catalans march for freedom in their National Day

a segment of the massive demo
Some 1.8 million people (according to police sources) gathered at central Barcelona to form a human "V" on the two main avenues of the capital. 

This is the third consecutive year in which millions demonstrate for Catalan independence on their national day. But this year it seems even more relevant because a referendum on independence is scheduled for November 9th, but this one has been declared illegal by Spanish Imperialism. 

Catalans showed their defiance in this day. Muriel Casals, of Òmnium Cultural, said in her speech: 
We are not afraid, the voice of the Catalan People is above whatever a tribunal in Madrid may say. 

It is also the 300th anniversary of the defeat of Catalonia, which fought for the Habsburgs in the War of Spanish Succession - because these granted their statehood, suppressed by the Bourbons upon French-Castilian victory. This was reminded by Carme Forcadell, of the non-partisan Catalan National Assembly (ANC) movement, who said:
We have demonstrated that our People is able to take upon any challenge and, thanks to that, on November 9th we will decide on whether we want to remain part of the Spanish State or become a free and sovereign state of our own.

She then demanded from the Catalan elect authorities to adhere to the will of the People and set the urns. President Artur Mas showed his adherence to this demand in press conference later on.

general view of the demo

Some international representatives were also present, among them Liam O'Hare of the Radical Independence Campaign of Scotland, who showed his disapproval of the Spanish veto to the Catalan referendum. 

Pathetic Unionist counter-demos

A few thousand concentrated in Tarragona at the call of all the so-called Catalan Civil Society, gathering representatives of all Unionist parties (PP, PSOE, UPyD, PxC, MSR - some of them outwardly fascist). A small fascist group also tried to sabotage the acts in Barcelona.

Sources: Gara[es], photos from La Vanguardia and El Periódico.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ukraine: Mariupol surrounded by the Militia: fascists and NATO officers inside

The latest news from Ukraine are that the Antifascist Militias advanced very clearly in the South of Donetsk People's Republic surrounding two new pockets of variegated Junta troops, which include police forces, the remnants of the Nazi battalions "Azov" and "Dnepr" and six NATO officers. These Western officers, specialists in informatics, were in charge of the propaganda war but somehow ended up in the frontline (almost certainly because the Junta lacks loyal troops and even loyal commanders) and now they seem to be trapped in the port city of Mariupol, whose citizenry clearly stands with the rebels.

The Militia's advance towards the coast has been dramatic as can be seen in the following maps, which show the situation on mid-August and the end of the month:

Overall military situation in August 14-24

Mariupol surrounded in August 29th

Meanwhile the Junta only seems able to make bombardments of civilian buildings in Lugansk, where several apartment buildings and a school were destroyed, and Donetsk (no details reported). Meanwhile, in a single day, they lost 7 tanks, 28 other armored vehicles, 22 other vehicles, two missile launchers type "Grad".

Source: Euskal Herria - Donbass Solidarity Committee[es/eu] (link 1, link 2, link 3).

Teens against fascism

Also Kristina Rus mentions in her Facebook page the emotive story of 72 teenagers, too young to be allowed to join the Militia but who were not willing to see their hometowns taken by the Nazis, so they organized their own resistance:
Battalion "Youth Self-defence" consisted of 72 16-18 year olds from Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, who were too young to join the militia, but wanted to defend their cities. 24 girls joined the battalion. 72 kids held Lisichansk for 2 days by themselves against 2,000 fighters of National Guard, when Mozgovoi's battalion "Ghost" left the city, waiting for reserves from Lugansk. They were armed with just AK's, 3 machine guns and 2 sniper rifles. Neutralized several dozen national guardsmen, 3 armed vehicles and 2 Grads. When they began to retreat to Alchevsk, after realizing that no help is coming, they were shelled with Grad, and 18 of them were killed. So, 18 of them won't be going back to high-school or college this fall ...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gaza devastation seen from the air

This short video shows how the neighborhood of Shujaiya was flattened by Zionist genocidal hatred:

(via The Electronic Intifada)

The images were taken with a quadrocopter drone.

Almost even worse than the devastation is the impunity of Zionist hate-speech online. Just go to the corresponding YouTube page and read the many anti-semitic (anti-Arab) murderous comments...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dominican Republic: Army attacks peaceful ecologists with machine-guns

The fascist degeneration of the Dominican Republic continues. After all kind of absurdly racist maneuvers like the removal of citizenship to all people with origins in nearby Haiti since a century ago or the pathetic fiasco of forcing women to straighten their hair in order to get the ID card photo taken, today the fascist involution of the Dominican state has taken a further step. 

A Green March in defense of the declaration of Loma Miranda as National Park was held these days (picture), with a camp being set in the would-be park. The Dominican Army has surrounded the camp, what triggered the mass support of the local inhabitants of El Algarrobo for the protesters. 

The Army has reacted by firing gun-machines. It is unclear at this time if anyone has been injured or killed. 

Source: Webguerrillero[es] (background[es])

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

France: Rothschild minion appointed new Economy Minister

François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron
The French government crisis has been "solved" with an even greater turn to the Right, removing the three critical ministers and replacing them with loyal minions of the Capitalist International, notably former Adjunct Secretary to the Presidency, Emmanuel Macron, who used to be a high executive (2008-12) of Rothschild & Cie Banque, the investment branch of Paris Orléans SCA, which is the flagship of the Rothschild Banking Group.

The other new ministers are Najad Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and Fleur Pellerin (Culture). 

The only critical minister keeping her position is Christine Taubira (Justice), who is best known for having promoted the homosexual marriage law. 

The majority of the Valls government in the National Assembly is thin, with the PS holding a mere plurality of the seats (48.5%), some of which are openly hostile to this reactionary cabinet, and needing hence the support of the so-called Party of the Radical Left (meaning the left-leaning faction of the liberal "radicals", almost identical to the PS in their liberalism), who hold 2% of the parliamentary weight but three of the portfolios. 

Negotiations to gather the support of Europe Ecology - The Greens have failed. No other party supports the cabinet, although there are some independents (collectively known as miscellaneous left) who may do.

Sources[es]: Gara, Público

Government crisis in France underlines the failure of EU "austerity"

Aggressive discourses against Germany-led "austerity" (recession) policies in the Eurozone were issued by several prominent ministers in this dramatic government crisis. The collapse of the popularity of the very reactionary "socialist" Prime Minister Manuel Valls (who is still in charge but for how long?) and the rise of these "rebel" ministers who openly criticize the Eurozone policies and the destructive leadership of Germany in all this social and economical catastrophe, underline that it is a most serious conflict on the socio-economic model in the French Republic and in the whole European Union. 

One of those rising PS stars is Arnaud Monteburg, former Minister of Economy, who has been very fierce in his criticism of Merkel and generally German euro-destructive policies. Excerpts of his commentaries:
You have to raise your voice. Germany is trapped in an austerity policy that it imposed across Europe (...) France is the eurozone's second-biggest economy, the world's fifth-greatest power, and it does not intend to align itself, ladies and gentlemen, with the excessive obsessions of Germany's conservatives (...) The priority must be exiting crisis and the dogmatic reduction of deficits should come second.

Montebourg is a heavyweight in the Socialist Party, getting 17% of the votes in the 2012 presidential primaries. He has been minister since Hollande became president but not anymore because he is now openly confronting the corporate subservient policies of his bosses.

The Minister of Education, Benoît Hamon, agreed wholeheartedly:
Merkel cannot be anymore the one leading Europe's course. (...) You cannot sell anything to the French unless they have money in their pockets.

Former Housing Minister, Cécile Duflot (Greens) has also attacked very verbosely both Holland and Valls for their disaster policies. 

No matter what, the new Valls cabinet plans to apply the EU-demanded €50 billion budget reduction in three years. And will do it by loading the cost on the popular classes: pension and public salary cuts and destruction of public services.

It seems however that Valls has not at all granted the support of Parliament for this endeavor, as more and more critical voices arise from inside his own party. Naturally they will get no support from the Right, which hopes for snap elections.

Sources: Gara[es], Russia Today.

Ukraine: Fascists flee as Militias march on Mariupol

The Fascist troops that occupied the harbor town of Mariupol, south of Donetsk, have evacuated the city as the Militias march decidely against them, fleeing towards the west (Zaporozhie and Mangushev).

Source: EHDEK[es],[ru]

Other news from Ukraine:

Nazi prisoners paraded in Donetsk (videos and photo-slide)

Also solidarity with Palestine and Donbass in the fiestas of my hometown Bilbao (source):

Peoples resist through the destruction of the media blockade!