Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Greece: police agents to be rented out to private hirers for as little as 20 euros/hr

The Greek state will not cut down its expenditures in military nor police forces, after all that is what a state is ultimately: armed forces. 

But they will rent them to private actors as mercenary forces and escorts for as little as €20 per hour for a motorcycle escort, €30 for a police agent (with unclear role) and €40 for a car escort. €200 will be the hourly cost of a patrol boat and €1500 for a helicopter.

According to the Greek tyranny (where are the promised April elections?) this is meant to defuse the accusations of the state favoring the elite so services that were in the past provided free of charge such as escorts will now be paid for. But you tell me how a common citizen, for example a gender violence victim, may be able to afford anything like that with today's Greek salaries! The result can only be an even greater elitism of the police forces and of whom they protect. 

The mercenariness of police forces, previously unspoken and implicit, has only been made explicit with this measure and can only lead to the total disintegration of the Greek state.

Source: Digital Journal (and several others).

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