Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spain: nonviolent resistance to become a crime

Suicidal Tendencies Fernández
As you read it: the new neofascist (PP) Spanish Minister of Interior, J. Fernández Díaz (pictured), is promoting a reform of the Penal Code by which nonviolent resistance (or, as they call it, passive resistance) in general will be a crime punishable by prison. 

Also calling for a protest, which eventually turns violent, for example because police charges at whim against those protesting, will also be criminals. 

Anyone for doing just anything will be considered a criminal. It's only up to police to accuse you or not (probably they will) and for the judges to robosign such accusations into formally sanctioned crime.

Incidentally it is a politically suicidal law because if nonviolent resistance is a crime, all nonviolent resisters of any sort will end up in prison and prisons are already overcrowded. Never mind that no state wants to get thousands and hundred of thousands of people into jail for, maybe, sitting in protest before court at the trial of people accused of sitting in protest before court at the trial of people accused of sitting in protest before court. 

From the viewpoint of nonviolent resistance it's an almost ideal scenario in which the regime is extremely overreacting and, as in a worst case of allergy, it will destroy itself easily.

I find it laughable in fact, a law designed to create martyrs a law designed to destroy Spain. 

And therefore I sorta like it even if I may end myself being a victim: I like the idiocy of the rulers, the stupid arrogance of those who think that can solve social problems manu militari. It's going to fun, even if painful as well. 

Fernández Díaz bobo! (Arrest me now, you powerless).

There's one of those useless online petitions here. I have doubts about signing it because I, sincerely, based on my experience as nonviolent activist, think this law will help bring much needed change to the rotten Spanish state by means of increased dissidence fed by outrage. Lots will end in overcrowded prisons but that will destroy the current Spanish regime rather sooner than later. 

There's nothing as good like an stupid ruler (unless you want him/her to remain in place).

Sources: Typical Spanish, Costa del Sol Times.

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