Monday, April 23, 2012

Egypt cuts the gas to the Zionist colony

Hopefully this measure will be followed by re-opening normal transit to Gaza strip, which is not just besieged by the Zionist regime but also by Egypt.

The pipelines bringing Egyptian gas to the Apartheid conglomerate have also been attacked repeatedly by unknown commandos.

It is not clear why Egypt, still largely under control of the Mubarak military clique, has decided to cut the gas but they claim it is a matter of non-payment, just the pretext Russia used with Ukraine in the past. Egypt complains that the deal has cost Egypt some 714 million dollars in losses.

40% of the gas consumed in the Zionist colony comes from Egypt. Other gas comes from offshore exploitations in waters claimed by Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority.

The Zionist generals are all jumping from their chairs and with no idea of what to do. The issue is potentially very important for the sustainability of the Zionist regime, which is quite more expensive than your normal state, as the occupation army and the need to import much of what they consume from overseas (never mind that Israel produces almost nothing other than weapons and killer commandos) make the Zionist experiment extremely unstable in the economic aspect, always dependent from external subsidies like those sent by the Zionist International and the de-facto colonial motherlands: USA and Germany notably.

Source: Al Jazeera.

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