Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally elections in Greece

The Papademos government resigned today and called for elections in May 6th, a bit later than agreed in the coalition pact but not too much.

There will be time to ponder and speculate but the latest opinion polls I know of essentially said that the coalition bloc will not have a majority in Parliament even with the support of the far right. The sociological majority is now clearly at the left of the PASOK and will scatter its support mostly for three electoral blocs: the old-school communist KKE, the new-school ones of Syriza and the former members of Syriza, DIMAR (Democratic Left, "democratic socialist").

Surely, if everything goes as I expect, DIMAR will be kingmaker and it is very likely that they will choose to support a second bourgeois demolition government together with PASOK and the Right. But let's hope I am wrong in that last and something better arises from these elections for Greece.

In my understanding, Greece now must choose: revolution and dignity or shame and destruction.

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