Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spanish Inquisition sends police against homage to murdered journalist

I remember quite well because, upon the killing of Xabier Galdeano, journalist, by the Spanish death squad GAL in the Spring of 1985, I ended up eventually calling, totally on my own, an illegal student strike at my high school, and succeeding to a great extent (to my surprise). 

Xabier Galdeano was just a true journalist, of the kind that are rarer each day, as the media are more concentrated into few corporate hands, and for that reason, we must presume, the Spanish Nationalist terrorist group GAL, made up of policemen and mercenaries essentially, killed him 27 years ago.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of his murder, the Spanish fascist political tribunal Audiencia Nacional (New Inquisition) sent the infamous (western) Basque Police forces to repress the homage paid to him in Algorta. The Inquisition pretended that it was a homage to 15 Basque prisoners (something that used to be tolerated in the near past but now is a worst crime). 

Source: Gara[es].

Fascist repression at its worst. 

Every day.

In our homes and streets.

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