Monday, April 9, 2012

Brown Shirts patrolling the streets of Florida

If the murder of Trayvon Martin (and the murderer getting away through a legal loophole) was not enough abuse, now Nazis of the National Socialist Movement (NSM-USA) are using the scandal caused by this murder and the legal pretext offered by the cover-up to unleash their militias in the streets of Sandford, Florida. 

It is not clear at the moment if the patrols are for real or just a bravado of the Nazi headquarters in Detroit but what is clear is that the Nazis are attempting to present themselves as a "civil rights group" and using all kind of vigilante legal loopholes to foster their presence in the streets. 

Similarly they have been patrolling the US-Mexican border with automatic weapons apt for war and murder. 

The only appropriate answer against the Nazis is a zero tolerance policy. There's absolutely no reason to tolerate even minimally the intolerant and racist. Zero tolerance is the only policy that works with Nazis and all kind of Fascists.

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