Sunday, April 22, 2012

Megaupload raid: a total fiasco

Judge O'Grady establishes that the Megaupload international raid and attempt trial in the USA was a total fiasco. The cloud storage site (or "cyberlocker") was never provided with the necessary paperwork by US authorities as it was located outside of US jurisdiction. 

Last month the New Zealand High Court declared the decision to seize Dotcom's property (including Megaupload) null and void after it became obvious that the court order allowing it was irregular.

The trial will probably never happen, what does not mean that the harm is not already done. Certainly for all the people around the World who had files stored at Megaupload and saw them overnight taken from them, potentially losing lots of information or even being spied illegally by US police forces or secret services, the harm is done and will never be compensated most likely. 

Source: TorrentFreak.

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