Thursday, April 19, 2012

Catalonia: in 3 years six people lost eyes for rubber bullet attacks by police: not a single culprit has even been identified

Much less punished. 

The rubber bullets controversy is not but the tip of the iceberg of the outrageous impunity that Spanish police corps enjoy with the help of bad laws and even worse judges. But it is also a very obvious example of this impunity that also extends to very frequent arbitrary arrests, with systematic false accusations and, way too often abuses and even cruel tortures. And they never ever identify themselves.

In the accompanying video (source: Bilboko Branka) Nicola Tanno and Carles Guillot, both victims of rubber bullets, explain (in Spanish) the situation of systematic impunity for police forces, totally incompatible with the concepts of democracy and human rights.

They complain that police is every day more attacking with total impunity peaceful protests, which are more and more systematically repressed, and how the mainstream media does not even bother finding out the truth but assumes by default that, if police charges, is because their victims (who are capriciously criminalized) deserve it somehow.

We enter now, if this situation of growing systematic abusive repression continues a point of no return in which anything resembling democracy has been finally destroyed for good. 

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